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Fourth echelon

Conspiracy theory or frighteningly real? A look at shadow governments

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Is the famous conspiracy about a secret government that runs the world completely nonsense or does the idea actually have any supporting evidence? Conspiracy theories — hypotheses claiming that historical events could have occurred due to the nefarious actions by hidden parties — still remain largely neglected by researchers and considered as implausible and irrelevant. 

On the other hand, conspiracy theories usually attract a lot of attention from a wide array of people, prompting heated debate on issues ranging from the world's shadow government to the chances of an alien invasion taking place. While most researchers do not take these theories seriously, some scholars insist that they do deserve attention. 

The "cryptocracy," or shadow government, concept is one of the most popular. According to this belief, real and actual political power does not reside with democratically elected public representatives, but with an elite set of individuals who exercise power behind the scenes. This secret government is not responsible to democratic institutions. Furthermore, according to conspirologists, official governments are subservient to it. 


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There is no way the US holds the kind of sway in the international world it does otherwise., A country that comprises 5% of the global population could not possibly influence world affairs the way we do unless there was something other than our military to drive that perception, when even then a nation such as China or India could put us down on mere numbers alone if that is what they wanted.

-Arnie L

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