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Krauthammer: Sessions ‘Exposed the Absurdity of This Whole Exercise’

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On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” columnist Charles Krauthammer stated Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ testimony “exposed the absurdity of this whole exercise.” And criticized the “idea that there’s this kind of obligation to bring him down to find — to actually — to build a case for impeachment after three, four months” as “un-American.”

Krauthammer said Sessions “exposed the absurdity of this whole exercise. I mean, this is supposed to be about Russian meddling in our election. That wasn’t even an issue. Then it was supposed to be about the collusion. There’s not an ounce of evidence. … You know, this has been investigated for seven months. There have been leaks like the Titanic, and yet has there been any leak of anything implicating the president or — in the collusion with the Russians? No. And trying to tag it on Sessions is even more absurd.”

He added, “[T]his seems to me to be a case of all smoke and no fire. Yes, it all looks like this is a cover-up, but where’s the crime? It’s the first cover-up in history in the absence of a crime.”


Don't let the distractions take hold!

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They FEAR Sessions because he (probably) has the Evidence of their unspeakable crimes against children!  Pedophilia is the ONE crime that any (sane) person just will not tolerate - it rises above political divisions - hence the paranoia and sweating of bullets on Capitol Hill.  

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18 minutes ago, Cinnamon said:

Yes, the absurdity was exposed and we need to keep Comey and the others in the spotlight. 

We do because they move throwing out distractions!

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