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The Real Reason for Exstacy

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20 years of direct study and observation have forced me to reject synthesized hallucinogenic drugs and especially halucinogenic amphetamines. 
Because of the devastating effects on functional personality, the destabilization of fundamental constructs in any person and the visible madness, heartlessness and destructions caused with "zeal" by thier users. 
Thier physical therapeutic value is almost completely obscured, smothered over by 15 year old street preachers of nihilism and 70 year old vultures in lab coats, who of all people, should know better. Do know better. Instead, they see a glowing financial and power influencing opportunity over the neurotic and juvenile minded, their hapless "fair game". 
As if such people are just weeds anyway and so ethical to exploit and program for neutralization, of what was thier innate personality and constructs. 

It is without a doubt, a profit driving delusion worked intentionally on the misguidedly trusting and simple minded, wholly unprepared for regular, fulfilling adult life. 
When the major proponents are predatory pharmaceutical interests and chinese communists, it becomes more unavoidably clear. 
For the surviving and self friend, these things are of penultimate importance. To those who are "born a waste anyway" it may not seem to matter to them ethically or socially, but these very people are the ones who's crucial development ends up revealed in the vile practices and bloody cults they foster among the priveleged and pauper alike.

The writing of "many fine papers" to justify the "gentle integration of delusion and infantilization into human society" (MAPS) do not have the slightest power to prevent or stop the real horrors, only encourage and promote them in the name of selling something at a good profit to the unsuspecting"

If indeed the future of the species is intended to be reduced to hordes of utterly feckless, stuck between der kindergarten & 2nd grade, (French! German!) miserable "blob bots", as empty and more useless than a seedless gourd, then malefic science and necropolitics could not have chosen a better weapon than "exstacy". 
The real "soma" of orwellian nighmares. People will choose, leaders will choose and that will be how we know whether to re-build temples of true learning and growth or simply continue on with dropping drug deluded idiots through society's shrimp splitter, for the better of the ones we could save. 

That is a stark reality. If it is the goal, simply give them ridiculous zuckerberg boxes for thier heads, switch on the artificial reality and walk away. It appears now to be about preserving and saving who we can, who might choose to experience neurotropia, but will never believe it or seek to escape to live there.


"Swallowing half an hour before closing time, that second dose of soma had raised a quite impenetrable wall between the actual universe and their minds.'

In such a societal catastrophe, I would feel obliged to serve at the shrimp splitters, to repay in kind those who's feckless, heartless, self serving folly helped to render our country 40% criminals and delusional walking desolations. They are a deceit, insult and degradation of us all. The more well done "papers" are foisted up to assure us "controls and professionalism!" will prevent these devastations, the more obvious the fact will be to legislators that it is exactly the opposite which will occur. Has always occured.

Just another round of pornographic european "lsd therapy" booths, speading much more venereal disease than what precious little "enlightenment" or "therapeutic effect" might come.

Exampels of the realistic MAPS future for humanity:

"Don't you want to be free and men? Don't you even understand what manhood and freedom are?" Rage was making him fluent; the words came easily, in a rush. "Don't you?" he repeated, but got no answer to his question. "Very well then," he went on grimly. "I'll teach you; I'll make you be free whether you want to or not." And pushing open a window that looked on to the inner court of the Hospital, he began to throw the little pill-boxes of soma tablets in handfuls out into the area."
For a moment the khaki mob was silent, petrified, at the spectacle of this wanton sacrilege, with amazement and horror."


"Benighted fool!" shouted the man from The Fordian Science Monitor, "why don't you take soma?"
"Get away!" The Savage shook his fist.

The other retreated a few steps then turned round again. "Evil's an unreality if you take a couple of grammes."

"Kohakwa iyathtokyai!" The tone was menacingly derisive.

"Pain's a delusion."

"Oh, is it?" said the Savage and, picking up a thick hazel switch, strode forward.

The man from The Fordian Science Monitor made a dash for his helicopter."


"It was after midnight when the last of the helicopters took its flight. Stupefied by soma, and exhausted by a long-drawn frenzy of sensuality, the Savage lay sleeping in the heather. The sun was already high when he awoke. He lay for a moment, blinking in owlish incomprehension at the light; then suddenly remembered-everything.
"Oh, my God, my God!" He covered his eyes with his hand."

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That crap is nasty. I tried it once in the mid 1980s. Gave me a headache. And it made me.. I don't know how to describe it.. I could not stand to be touched. Don't touch me. I went home and went to bed and slept that crap off. It was a horrible waste of my money and I have never tried it again. Yes, it was good stuff. Everyone else that took it loved it. Was so lovey dovey that I wanted to puke. It was disgusting. NO! I did not love you. Go away. :angry:

I got some beer and went home. Screw that. Wasn't enjoying that party at all. $20 it costs me to give myself a dang headache. Never again. I do not pay to put myself in pain. It's why I do not drink. I am not paying for a hangover. Not going to do that.  :angry: 

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Everyone is different. Some should not drink and some should not take any kind of drug. Some people absolutely should take some strong psychedelics. Some abuse anything they get their hands on. Whether it's booze, LSD, nicotine, percocet, vicodin, heroin, guns, the bible, philosophy, physics, gambling, smart phones, sex or relationships makes no difference. The problem is not with the things themselves but with the people that use them.

MDMA was beautiful for me and helped me with some things. I had some amazing and profound experiences that I value tremendously. I had some meaningless fun on it, too. Everyone is different.

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