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WATCH: Cops Mistake Innocent Man’s License for a Fake, So They Beat and Arrest Him

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From her video, Tempe officers can be seen applying painful arm bars and placing their knees on his neck. All the while, Acosta is screaming that he wasn’t resisting arrest. He even tried to reiterate his social security number to end the conflict, still thinking if he gave the right numbers they would release him.

But this was to no avail. Police kidnapped her boyfriend and drove off.

Faye asked one of the officers where she should go to bond him out of jail. He told her Acosta would be taken to the Tempe jail, but he never made it to jail.

Faye tells the Free Thought Project what happened next. “I arrived at the police station at 1:55 and called to ask for him. They politely explained that no one has been brought in by that name yet and to call in 10 to 15 minutes,” she said. “Eleven minutes later I called and the man on the phone just rudely said no one was there named Bryan and hung up.”

Instead of taking Acosta to jail, officers took him away from Mill Ave., returned his driver’s license, gave him a citation for “resisting arrest” and dropped him off at 6th Street. Acosta was never booked into jail, didn’t have to bond out, but suffered numerous injuries. - source

You can see the video of the confrontation below!

This is pure madness. They knew they did wrong! This is why the dropped him off how they did. Tried to cover it up! I hope these pigs get fired.

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They will not get fired, they will not be "diciplined" for anything. They will be "put on paid administrated leave" while the department "conducts a through internal investigation" to come to the conclusion that "all current department policies and procedures were adhered to".

Thanks for your concerns citizen, nothing to see here, move along now. Good talk.....

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What happened before the video started, that's my question, just say-in.....


If the cops were wrong and it can be proved, he just won the lottery.

He made moves I would interpret as resisting.

I have had encounters with police and didn't get a beat down, because, I complied with their request and showed them I was not a threat.

If I would have run my mouth and postured like an animal ready to attack, I'm sure it would have been a different story.

Maybe mister big mouth just got educated he was not such a big shot after all.


This can happen when cops are too nice.

* Graphic * Guy pulls Out Knife Against Cops! Three Cops Stabbed!! Crazy!! * Graphic *

This is a older video many have probably not seen yet. This is also the full video with no bullshit in it. Started when the wife was talking about domestic violence by her husband to the local media. The man goes into a rage and local police were called 1 block away. Show up with long guns and pistols but try not to use them. Ends bad for the cops 1 killed 2 injured and guy with knife also is killed.

Action starts at 4:00 and ends at 8:00



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