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Humans, a Story of Resounding sucess, and of Failures that put us in the fossil record too !

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Sapiens are the only living species of the genus Homo.
All other species of the Genus Homo are extinct, making humans a pretty big failure compared to other Genus.
For instances there are many living species in the genus Panthera, and Canis and there are two living species of the Genus Pan.
That sounds pretty weak and short lived.
But one species of the Genus Homo would rewrite the entire history of the Genus Homo, and pretty much just in the nick of time for the Genus.
Homo Sapiens, and We're here to stay.
Why ?
Because we can eat nearly anything, are willing to eat nearly everything, can live in Antarctica, Can live on Ellesmere Island in Northern Canada... and all stops in between.
We can (and do) live stationary, we can and do live on the go.
We live in the wild, and we live in cities... and all levels of development in between, depending on what our personalities can take.
The preemptively dominant form that our food comes in, has a conservation status of  "Domesticated", raised by agriculture.... the holy grail of sustainability for large, ever thriving populations.... natures form of a nuclear reactor.
We actually have the best diets of any animal, living or extinct in earths history.. because of Agriculture and our ability to improve agriculture...
Cook our food making it easier to digest and get nutrients, and we're Omnivores.
And we have a brain capable of recipes for complex, compound food,  which is also the dominant form of human food, after domesticated and cooked.
Its going to take an extinction event capable of nearly wiping out the insect population... to wipe out humans.
Because of the species  "Homo Sapiens".
And you know what ?
As much as humans lack physically... I'd much rather be a human, than anything else.
I only have one wish....  I wish we evolved from the cats, WITH our brain and spirit.
But to put our brain, into a skull supported by the best physical, natural weapons amongst all land mammals..
Would be a bit grand standing.
There is a downside to our brain.
Our personalities vary, so its the hardest for humans to make friends.
Our intelligence, while its the most useful, most invulnerable and most hardy tool that nature ever made, it also makes our brain the most illness, and malfunction prone of any brain on earth.
Psychiatry and Psychology is by far the lowest priority of veterinarians...   whereas in Human medicine, its a discipline all its own.
That's how much our brain malfunctions, is prone to illness and failure, and faulty construction.
So as Humans, we have combination of Resounding success, and of such dismal failure that it put all other species of us, entirely into the bowels of the fossil record too.

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