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Australia’s UFO Hotspot is Suddenly Cold

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 Ukshep    24,234

I suggest you don't just glance at this one. Give it a read!

When you call yourself ‘The UFO Capital of Australia’ because of the hundreds of sightings there since World War II but you’ve had none in the past year, you tend to get worried. When there’s nothing else in your town to attract tourists besides a single restaurant, a park and a roadhouse selling gas, beer and souvenirs, you begin to wonder what you did to offend the aliens. That’s the situation right now in Wycliffe Well, Northern Territory, considered to be – until last year – one of the top five UFO hotspots in the world. What happened?

Scientists say the sky is full of Ley Lines, which act like highways for the UFO’s to travel along. But these energy lines must meet somewhere and one of those crossroads or intersections lies directly above the middle of Australia. That’s why we see so many here. - Source

Is it not interesting?? World events have recently spiked in the last year. And with such chaos I imagine many things have been disrupted. And it seems that it could extend even to UFOs with this piece of information and a little reading in between the lines... So I guess what I am saying is.... Strange how the UFO's cease... As people start being energized with something.... Becoming agitated, as the deep state is disrupted etc.

Something is off! Let's hope they are not avoiding something that could also kill them. Whether aliens or our own.

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