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NASA's SOFIA monitoring Yellowstone Supervolcano | Balloons - Ozone

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SOFIA monitoring Yellowstone Supervolcano | Balloons - Ozone

Turns out that SOFIA has monitoring equipment on board specifically for this.  


Published on Jun 12, 2017June 12, 2017: Remember the Massive Lake of Molten Carbon the size of Mexico recently found under Yellowstone? Earthquakes... Daytime meteor storm still underway reaching 150 per hour again last night. Daytime reports as well... Balloons parked at ozone anomaly....



Now this!



Depth: 9 km

Distances: 733 km S of Calgary, Canada / pop: 1,020,000 / local time: 10:48:09.9 2017-06-12
216 km S of Helena, United States / pop: 28,200 / local time: 10:48:09.9 2017-06-12
100 km S of Bozeman, United States / pop: 37,300 / local time: 10:48:09.9 2017-06-12
14 km NE of West Yellowstone, United States / pop: 1,300 / local time: 10:48:09.9 2017-06-12

SOURCE:  https://yamkin.wordpress.com/2017/06/12/yellowstone-region-magnitude-2-7-yellowstone-nat-park-wyoming-usa-3/


And a swarm of earthquakes going on earlier:




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 Curenado    977

But nothing very big. I bet mexico & saint helens go before there is enoug to set yellowstone off. 

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 Siddrix    1,158
3 minutes ago, Ukshep said:

how so?

The Old Farmers almanac shows when it happens...

Bad storms always hit during Zero Hour... Among other things... Quakes may come later...

The Antikythera mechanism was made to predict this event...

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for those following SOFIA -- UPDATE:     (All these SOFIA flights must be getting expensive!)

Covering the Gulf of Mexico, CA coast and out to sea off the CA coast


SOFIA - California Coast (1hr) - Then out to Sea (8hr)

Published on Jun 14, 2017June 14, 2017:     SOFIA seemed to follow the West Coast of California last night before heading out to sea, approximately 800 miles out from Imperial Beach. But first it flew north through central CA then made a complete 180 degree turn and flew south along the CA coast for over an hour.



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