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The Mormon Conspiracy Against Truth

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 Rothbard    1,850

I have a long history with Mormons (i.e., members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and really do love Mormons who for the most part live exemplary moral lives.  I am well educated in Mormon theology.  No fornicating, adultery, drinking (overeating is strangely perfectly fine), smoking, illegal drugs (all the worse prescription ones are okay though), pornography, etc. - these are all great things.  However, Mormons are truly unaware of much of their dark history and doctrines and wrongly refuse to investigate these issues.  These are historical claims and doctrines that are admitted by the current leadership of  the Mormon church (for research, see http://josephsmithpapers.org/).  These are not anti-Mormon lies.  Everything said in the video below is accurate and much more could have been added including the Mormon's belief that polygamy will again be restored at Christ's 2nd Coming (Bruce R. McConkie, Mormon Doctrine).  If there are any Mormons here, I ask that you do one thing, stand back and look at this objectively to the best of your ability.  I personally don't think you're going to hell so long as you live good moral lives trying to follow God, but the truth of your false beliefs may set you spiritually free and bring happiness to you and your family.


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