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The Deep State’s Top 5 False Flag Options Designed to Destroy the US

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The Deep State’s Top 5 False Flag Options Designed to Destroy the US


The Deep State needs a game-changer. This means they need a false flag, or a series of false flags in order to take over and impose martial law for our “safety”.

After much deliberation, I developed a rank-ordered list of the five mostly likely false flag events.

False Flag Scenarios

There are many candidates, therefore, I have chosen what I feel are the most likely.

Man-made “natural disaster.  At one time, I would not have listed this as number one, but with

the advent of the Oroville Dam crisis, this is my choice as number one. When, not if, the Oroville Dam goes, 2.5 million people are at immediate risk. Also, the number two rice producing area in the world would be gone as would the number one winter vegetable crop.  This is a trigger for a famine, not just in the US, but across the planet. Additionally, 25% of all retail comes out of California. If the Oroville Dam gives way, the transportation pathways out of California, would be underwater. The American economy would collapse within a few days. There is one more stunning development according to Paul Preston. On Sunday night, Paul will be on The Common Sense Show to describe the well-placed tactical nukes that are under the dam.  This is the number one choice for a false flag event that will initially bring the country to its knees.

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