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Gibraltar a future free-energy hub?

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"Since the late 1800s there have been free-energy (yes free) inventions that are fuel-less and have been suppressed by the big oil people like the evil Bush family who, according to Nazi SS Sturmbannführer Otto Skorzeny, had Nikola Tesla murdered after stealing his free-energy inventions and the evil Elizabeth Battenberg/Windsor who it is claimed owns BP and half of Anglo- Dutch Shell Oil.

Nikola Tesla the inventor of Alternating Current electricity wanted to give electrical free-energy to the whole world from his Wardenclyffe Tower. The bankster J. P. Morgan initially financed him, until Morgan realized that he would not be able to put a meter on it and charge people for it, so he had the tower destroyed. The Nazi Bush family (real name Scherff) - Prescott who was Tesla's secretary and George H. W. "Poppy" (Opium) Scherff/Bush his son - stole Tesla's inventions and patents and Hitler's personal body-guard Otto Skorzeny mentioned previously and SS General Reinhard Gehlen murdered Tesla, according to Otto Skorzeny's death-bed confession.

Since Tesla there have been many others, like Stanley Meyer who invented a way to run cars on water, and they too have been murdered, by agents of the big oil companies. In order to make Gibraltar much less vulnerable and also very prosperous you need to put extreme pressure on the government to sponsor, and you all to create a safe-haven for free-energy inventors to develop free energy devices, to free Gibraltar from its dependency on imported oil and gas. The energy from those devices, as well as powering your homes and vehicles for free, can then also be used to power desalination water-makers within the Rock, so that they are not vulnerable to attack. These free- energy devices can also be manufactured and exported creating employment and profits for the economy."

Source: Gibraltar Messenger 


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