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Fourth echelon

What Secrets Could be Hidden In the Classified John McCain POW Files?

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Sen John McCain (1), R-Arizona, is regarded as a war hero by the vast majority of Americans, as Donald Trump discovered recently when he called McCain’s hero status into question.
On October 26, 1967, McCain was shot down over North Vietnam while conducting a bombing mission in his carrier based A4E Skyhawk. He fractured both arms and a leg upon landing and nearly drowned in a lake.

He was retrieved by a group of North Vietnamese who refused to treat his injuries, savagely beating and bayonetting him. His captors only gave him treatment when they discovered that he was the son of an admiral.

Indeed, they used that fact to attempt a propaganda ploy by offering to release him. McCain refused, preferring to be released when his fellow POWs were released.

The North Vietnamese subjected McCain to a five and a half-year period of torture and starvation that came close to killing him but did break him in the end, forcing him to confess to war crimes. McCain endures the lingering effects of his injuries and the psychological trauma to this day.


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 roadtoad2    84

I already answered this, A mother of a POW/MIA hired a detective to research McCain, and, came out with a report, besides all the known stuff, McCain 

wasn't even in Vietnam for the last two years of his 'POW time', he was in a Soviet Bloc country, being brainwashed as a 'Manchurian Candidate', so the communist Barry could become Pres.

You can google most of this stuff.

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 McWest    878

Here's some information on John McCain that I posted back in July.  Check it out!

Take a look at this article pinpointing John McCain as the person responsible for the devastating fire that took place on U.S.S. Forrestal in 1967: http://rockcreekfreepress.tumblr.com/post/35321150/navy-releases-mccains-records. 

Now take a look at the History Channel's (I know the History Channel is a joke!) article about the U.S.S. Forrestal fire: http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/rocket-causes-deadly-fire-on-aircraft-carrier

Some additional information about John McCain's service:

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That's nothing...we'll probably find out that Obutthead wasn't born here, didn't go to college, and is probably just some deer lick they found in the backwoods of Indonesia somewhere.  And it just so happens that he is a muzzie war criminal.  It takes only $2 million to cover that up, even though Obozo lets most of it slip out of his mouth along with everything else.

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