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Fourth echelon

have you hugged a cop today?

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Cop huggers: Hug a Cop at Your Own Risk

Too many people today are living in a fictional past – in Sheriff Andy Taylor’s Mayberry or George Bailey’s Bedford Falls where cops were once just people. Some sigh nostalgically by describing a bad cop as “just one bad apple in a barrel full of good apples,” conveniently, and dangerously, forgetting the ugly reality that, “Given the right conditions and enough time, one apple can push all the fruit around it to ripen – and eventually rot.”

Today the right conditions and enough time have come; we are clearly living in a police state. That means it’s time for everyone to end the fruitless commentary over the terms “good cops” and “bad cops.” Cops must always be judged the same way as everyone else, by what they actually do rather than by the “good” and “bad” labels we frequently paste on them.

People need to learn that the “good” cops and the “bad” cops are all too often the same cops. The cop that saves a child from drowning this morning may be taking bribes from sex traffickers tonight. And their partners who know it and don’t report it, along with department officials and union reps who excuse it and covers it up, are just as bad for what they do.


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