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Dozens of new cracks discovered at Belgian nuclear reactors

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The latest ultrasonic inspections have detected a substantial number of new micro cracks in nuclear reactors at the Tihange and Doel power plants in Belgium since the last study conducted three years ago, Belgian and German media report.

At least 70 additional cracks were uncovered at the Tihange 2 nuclear reactor during an ultrasonic inspection in April of this year, Belga news agency reports. Some 300 new flaws have also allegedly been discovered at the Doel 3 reactor tank during a check last November, according to tagesschau.de.  



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"as long as cracks do not expand, they do not pose a danger to the reactor’s operations."

Whos shittin who here, the cracks are FROM expansion (an contraction).

Those reactors look like older, 70's, Gen II Pressurized Water Reactors. That's what they do, under pressure, they expand and contract.

smfh.  Bureaucrats and their bullshit...... simple stuff here, tell the truth, in simple and relative terms that people can understand, stop treating the tax paying public like morons, and they'll make the right decision and do the right thing. And if they're smart, do a soft shutdown/cooldown and re-line the containment vessel with a product that can handle the expansion and contraction.

Or..... wait for a breach and run around like idiots, jumping up and down and waving their arms as they pollute another populated area for the rest of time.

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