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FINALLY! Methodist Church Ordains First ‘Non-Binary Trans Person’ As Deacon

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FINALLY! Methodist Church Ordains First ‘Non-Binary Trans Person’ As Deacon

The United Methodist Church — a mainline Protestant denomination boasting some 12 million members worldwide — has commissioned its first brazenly “non-binary trans person” as a deacon.

The newly-minted “non-binary trans” deacon is the Rev. M Barclay, according to United Methodist News Service.

That’s her first name: M. She’s a woman — born with the name Mary Ann Kaiser — who refuses to identity as either female or male. She’s totally just neutral.

Also, she wants everyone to use plural pronouns — they, them and theirs — to refer to her.


Also, back in 2009, the United Methodist Church ordained a clergy member who used to be male but had since undergone various surgical procedures to appear fully female.

“While M’s journey over the last few years has included gender identity, all of those who were commissioned or ordained on Sunday have been on some kind of journey that has brought them to new places of faith, life and relationships,” Bishop Sally Dyck :blink: told United Methodist News Service.


Dyck, I wonder how this word is pronounced, I can only think of two options......:blink:

Looks like I will never set foot in a Methodist Church ever again.

It has been corrupted by kabbalist.


This will probably be the "Christianity" it teaches.


Jupiter is the Father of the Gods – referring to the first couple, the forces that created the universe, the representation of God in each one of us. In Kabbalah, we find the word Jehovah, which is again Androgynous. Iod Heve = IO = Male and Feminine aspects of Divinity. Jehovah Elohim is also the God of Gods, and is the origin of life – he made man and made him male -female in his own image.

The first man created was also androgynous. Adam was not a physical being with masculine sexual organs, but was androgynous, with both sexual polarities at the same time. Jupiter is the superior part that is above the Spirit. Our own Spirit emanated from Iod-Heve, Jehovah, Jupiter, IO PITAR.

Jupiter is in Christianity the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is also an androgynous force – meaning that it polarises itself into masculine and feminine. The forces of the Holy Spirit, when descending from above to the physical plane, express themselves through the sexual organs of all the human beings, all the animals, all the plants, all the minerals.


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The Kabbalah-Emanations from the Source

By Robert Green

The following passage is from an old copy of Kabbalah. It is explaining the emanations flowing from God to the world of form. Kabbalah "conceals" with the terms it uses, so here are some definitions to help you understand this passage:

En-Sof is a complicated term that means "potential in the center, or heart"...It also is thought of as concentrated"...for the mystics, it's symbol is a circle with a dot in the center. Also, some commentators of the Kabbalah call it the "Dark Waters". Put simply, it is potential.

Shekhinah is the female essence of God. God in the Kabbalah sense is both male and female. The emanations that flow downward from God and give the illusion of form come from the "female part of God". We as mystics call this female part of God the COSMIC, the HOLY GHOST, or the MOTHER.


Again the Kabbalah uses mysterious words to conceal, (why would the true GOD want to "conceal" his message....)


What the Kabbalists are stating is that God in Man in His whole state (oneness) is androgynous and that in His present condition He is incomplete. The Kabbalists assign the statement 'Let us make man,' to the lips of the Shekhinah and go on to further stipulate that because man was made in God's image he too is androgynous. It is for this reason that one constantly finds statements to the effect that a man must always be male and female. That is, in order for a man's faith to be firm( have confidence) he must always remain in contact with the feminine portion of himself.


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