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Illegal immigrant kills three .

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 I mean what the hell is wrong with this picture?   Why isn't immigration and customs holding on to people that are wanted by the country they are fleeing ?  I thought US criminals  fled  To  Belize and not the other way around ?


 News sources are coming up with this information two days after the fact  seems like immigrations and customs could've found something ? It's obvious to see the guy is violent .


 Sad to say but he probably was broken when he was a child .  I take pity on him but not at my own personal safety or safety of others .

"He fled to the U.S. to live with his aunt to avoid a trial in a Belize courtroom on charges of assaulting a police officer last November, the station said. He was then tried in absentia, found guilty, and given a 6-month jail sentence that remains to be served.

Hyde was also wanted in Belize on charges of robbing a cell phone store, the station said, while also reporting, according to reports, that the teen and two other men were suspects in a double homicide in 2013. Eventually, he was charged with a lesser crime of handling stolen goods."




 He's got a list of the charges and he's fleeing a  prosecution still we let him in ??????

The   judge or magistrate that approved that bail  should be getting grilled by the media right now .


 The only way to fix this is make heads roll ( figuratively ).


Maybe they'll put a little more effort into their jobs.


 The question all America should be asking. Is not how is this happening ? But  which people are letting this happen ?

 I can at least hear both sides of the immigration issue. But excuse me if I cannot the hear known criminals side .


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Insane that someone like this was ever allowed to be here. I hope that anyone who worked for immigration/border and let this one by for ANY reason never sleeps again. Unconscionable.

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