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You’re Being Duped: How The Government Media And Police Work Together To Mislead Humanity

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 AnonG    25

(N.MorganWe live in a time which could be called the Grand Deception. 

A time when government, media and law enforcement work in unison to deceive the citizen masses through means of false flags, blatant lies and just good old fashion treachery.

In the video below, Russianvids gives a marvelous breakdown of events from the past, detailing each designed deception and how it was pulled on the people of the world.

These are such grand deceptions that many are still completely blind to what was done to them.


A false flag (or black flag) describes a covert operation solely designed to deceive, an operation presented to appear as though it is being carried out by entities, groups or nations other than the actual planners and perpetrators of the event.

For the operations carried out during peacetime by civilian organizations or by covert government agencies, they may by extension be titled as a false flag, especially if they seek to hide the real organization behind the operation.


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 YourMom2    1,274

The most disgusting part of this deception are the actors......people that knowingly deceive their fellow citizens for financial or ? gain. It's bad enough that reality TV shows are faked but to perpetuate an outright lie for a false flag event should be nooseworthy.

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