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Leader of the Illuminati Exposed

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 CSB    1,664

Interesting to say the lest . Maybe David Icke is right .

As posted on YouTube


Published on Jul 15, 2015

Leader of the Illuminati Exposed is a sequel of Who is the leader of the Illuminati, a research on the secret society Illuminati. I came face-to-face with people who have close relationship with one of the leaders of the Illuminati. I've seen and learned things that nobody talks about, which is all exposed in this video. The Illuminati mission is the most dangerous mission I've ever experienced. During this mission while traveling through Europe, I have been chased, threatened, blackmailed, death threats and once fired at. What does a rattlesnake if you get too close? It makes a warning sound, make itself visible and attacks ---and that exactly happened to me.

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