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The man who was tired of life

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 CSB    1,662

It is said that this poem is more than 4000 years old . A translation from Egyptian hieroglyphics .

As it reads it looks like something that would be out of todays writes from a tired modern poet

It caught my eye and I thought that I would share it .


The man who was tired of life

To whom can I speak today ?
Brothers are evil
And the friends of today unlovable
To whom can I speak today ?
Gentleness has perished
And the violent man has come down on everyone
To whom can I speak today?
I am heavy-laden with trouble
Through lack of a intimate friend
To whom can I speak today ?
The wrong which roams the earth .
There is no end to it
Death is in my sight today
As when a man desires to see home
When he has spent many years in captivity


It sounds like what once was is and still is today. humanity's hart has not change .

Soon it will start all over again .  We are the End Times .


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