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The FDA Just Approved OxyContin to Be Prescribed to Children

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(ANTIMEDIA) The infamously untrustworthy Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has furthered its reputation as one of America’s most beloved hypocrites with its latest motion. It was reported on Thursday that the FDA has just approved OxyContin prescriptions for children between the ages of 11 and 16 years-old.
For those unfamiliar, OxyContin is an opiate-based pharmaceutical painkiller used to ease severe pain. Aside from being known for its powerful effects on users, it is also notorious for its widespread abuse. Its effects on the mind and body are strikingly similar to heroin, making it dangerously addictive. It typically contains anywhere between 40-160 milligrams of OxyCodone, which lasts around 12 hours thanks to its extended release. However, abusers generally crush the pills to inhale or inject them with a syringe by mixing it with water, thus receiving a dose that is meant to stretch over a 12-hour span almost instantly.
After a 2004 study was abandoned due to an apparent lack of monetary resources, the FDA announced that pediatric studies on the effects of OxyContin would be underway in order to establish whether or not this pharmaceutical version of heroin should be available for children. After a very short period of trials and research, the FDA has concluded that three years is enough time to evaluate the long-term effects of extended use of a highly potent drug in children. Keep in mind that the FDA is the same government organization that has lumped marijuana and psilocybin mushrooms into the same category as Schedule 1 narcotics, deeming them to have zero medicinal value and heightened potential for abuse (because we all know a handful of people addicted to psychedelic mushrooms, right?).


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Eugenics gone wild! You see what pill poppers have to deal with in children, I guess if you can't get em in the womb than you just go for them in grade school! Funny thing is, they STILL fight against medical marijuana... Oooops! big PHARMA can't CONTROL that!

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Sabotaging the System one Truth at a Time 365 Days a Year

A Plague of Home-Brewed Heroin? Scientists Discover How to Make Opioids From Yeast

Posted on August 16, 2015


Perhaps there is a hidden agenda that is intended to help the drug cartels. A population hooked on a mind numbing drug is so much easier to control than a healthy, drug free population

The Market Business

Is this the beginning of home-brewed heroin? Scientists have come to an alarming — to some — discovery that involves drawing narcotics out of strains of yeast.

Drugs known as opioids have only been derived from the opium poppy up until now, but a Stanford laboratory has been searching for a yeast-based alternatives, according to a New York Times report.

They are being closely watched by the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If their research is successful, it could provide an alternative to illicit drugs that are used legally only in a medical environment as painkillers or cough suppressants. Such a finding would make such treatment not only less expensive but also more predictable than drugs derived from poppies.

About 10 years ago, scientists at Berkeley were able to do something similar, adding multiple genes to yeast until it caused the precursor to artemisinin, which is the most effective drug for malaria which previous had to be grown from wormwood shrugs. Now, bioengineered yeast is behind much of the world’s artemisinin.

So these scientists decided to try the same thing with narcotics — however, not everyone is happy about the research. Some experts have expressed concern that this will simply help drug traffickers instead of pharmaceutical companies, as there are plenty of legal drugs coming from legal poppy fields that are perfectly inexpensive.





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