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The Coup Against Trump: Ignore His Leadership?

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Most people have seen that Comey is already cooked because he is a pathological liar over and over again. His testimony will not do anything to take down Trump. But Trump has LITTLE SUPPORT IN CONGRESS! Also with lower level DSers in the Ex. Branch are currently ignoring his orders with no consequences.
Trump does have overwhelming support at home and Congress needs to see this! They need the threat of being ousted by their constituents next year. Beria head of the NKVD of the USSR said, "SHOW ME THE MAN AND I WILL FIND THE CRIME" is how these traitors are going to operate. Law and Justice no longer applies, (see Obama Administration), unless Congress is shook up this is the playbook of the globalists. By any means ness. IS their battle plan. They have a battle room with screens of the house and senate with who is on board with the fake impeachment! Whatever it takes to get Trump out and the voters are the only ones who stand in the way! Once Trump is gone they can commence with their hell on earth, order out of chaos plan! I laughed about impeachment a few mths ago but now its coming into sight. If U support Trump let your Reps Know, make them realize they will be outta a job if Trump is wrongly impeached!

TLDR: If you support Trump let your Congressional Reps know like that one yesterday in Cali! You wont tolerate a fake impeachment!

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