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"Ancient" World Treasures - A Skeptical View of Stonehenge (New Video by Jeranism)

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 Rothbard    1,851

The Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge, Easter Island, Mesoamerican megaliths, etc. - are they amazing inexplicable structures built by ancient civilizations (maybe even ancient alien races) or are these famous megaliths just fake semi-modern concrete structures to bring mystery and tourism and support conventional historical claims. 

I certainly don't know but I think it's healthy that some skeptics are questioning these cherished beliefs.



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Didn't watch videos, duh, you know me.

Did any of them talk about the technique of "melting" granite and pouring or molding it into megaliths? It's probably the only way to get the joints so tight. 

The Coral Castle in Florida was definitely manmade, maybe with a device that used sound vibrations to levitate the extremely heavy pieces.



Hey, the image uploader works!


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 Cryptic Mole    3,524
On 8/14/2015, 7:18:51, Rothbard said:



They do not even have the technology to build the pyramids today.
And I'll bet you didn't even know that these pyramids are 8 sided,
and not 4 sided. Don't believe your lying eyes. See below.


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 Cryptic Mole    3,524

I suppose these that are under water were also built during the
1700 - 1800's? Sorry, I'm not buying your synopsis!


Most pyramids found beneath the oceans were built before the oceans
were there, and only a very small percentage have gone down to the
bottom in a cataclysm. Those that did go down will always show
destruction from the event, and will not be fully intact.

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