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Colonel Yu and the mind reading machine

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 WhiteHorse    490

This is true. Every brain wave pattern that exist is already mapped. These waves are electromagnetic in nature and with the technology available today can be uploaded and downloaded using your subconscious as a grey matter hard drive. This technology is being used on us collectively as well as individually depending on your value to tptb. Our children are being exploited at an unprecedented rate. Tptb use the judicial system, cps, juvenile detention and foster system to get access to the children they want . A clean slate of a child's mind is easily printed upon. Next time you see the local nerdy kid in handcuffs for a horrendous crime or see a young person with no priors that just committed a mass shooting you now know where that programming comes from. Be very careful who you let watch your children, specially the AI type. 

Below is a good read. 



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