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The Antichrist Is Hidden In Plain Sight

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 rbear    240

Ashkenazi Jews aka Zionist Jews or fake jews?

 Zionist Rothchilds who control the Jesuits?

Or the Jesuits control the Zionist Rothschild's?

This article is an exact copy from http://christianitybeliefs.org/end-times-deceptions/the-antichrist-is-hidden-in-plain-sight/ Nothing of the content has been edited. The appearance differs slightly because of the format code (CSS) on this site. I received permission to post it from the webmaster, David Nikao. Thanks David! I wanted to share it because I consider it one of the best exposes of the Antichrist I have ever read.

This end times deception study will reveal how the Antichrist beast has hidden its presence from today’s Christians.

For 1300 years, Christ’s Church knew exactly who the Antichrist is.

Today, Christians speculate about Obama, Prince Charles, etc..

How has the church become so blind during the last 200 years?

In 2 Thessalonians 2, Paul told the church that the ‘Son of Perdition’would be revealed after the Roman Empire was taken out of the way, so the church witnessed the Antichrist rising into power and knew who it was in 500 A.D.

During the Thyatira church era, which occurred from 538-1514 A.D., people groups called the Waldenses, Albigenses, Vaudois, Bohemian Brethren, and Wycliffites, witnessed against the Antichrist beast, and they were killed for their testimony.

During the Sardis church era, which occurred from 1514-1798 A.D., the Protestant Reformers and great theologians such as John Calvin, Martin Luther, Sir Isaac Newton, John Bunyan, John Foxe, John Wesley, Matthew Henry, Adam Clarke, and many others, testified about who was theAntichrist beast of Revelationthe Little Horn of DanielMystery Babylon, and the Son of Perdition.

During the Philadelphia church era, which occurred from 1798-1900 A.D., people like Charles Finney, Charles Spurgeon, Adam Clarke, Phillip Mauro, and many others, identified the Antichrist.

To understand how Jesus prophetic words to the seven church eras have been fulfilled. ReadThe Seven Churches of Revelation

But today, Christians in the Laodecian church era don’t have a clue.

How is that possible?

Christians today don’t know for many reasons:

Most Christians don’t diligently study the Word of God, which gives a clear description of when the Antichrist would appear, what it would say, what it would do, etc.

Most Christians don’t know world history well enough to see how the Biblical prophecies about the Antichrist have been fulfilled.

Most Christians have never read the book of Daniel, so they just blindly trust what Pastors teach about it.

Most Christians have never studied the book of Revelation, even though Jesus promised that those who read it and follow it will be blessed.

Most Christians blindly trust Pastors because they’ve been to seminary.

And there’s the rub…

Most Pastors have been misled about prophecy fulfillment at seminary, because the enemy has infiltrated seminaries to corrupt their teachings.

Christians hear prophecy teachings from their Pastors and they blindly trust them.

Christians hear the prophecy teachings on radio and TV from popular Pastors like David Jeremiah, Chuck Swindoll and John MacArthur, and they blindly trust them.

cont please read

And this is on one of the links on that page, I will link it just in case

Who are Jews? <--link



So according to the above, all has been fulfilled in revelation, but the Roman Catholic Church will try to get everyone to worship it. I know of their church or at least St Mary's Catholic Church and it is littered with rituals of man. I have also seen catholic books the same. I read lots of them I received for free and found them to be wow, what indoctrination. After reading lots of them, I put them in the recycling bin as they were propaganda. Strange thing is I found them in the trash too lol. Anyways, after reading into this stuff and digging deep, whats left is when will Christ return as the above doesn't seem to cover that. Also this might be why Obama recently gave arms to Iran and also removed sanctions. According to the above, Israel is not the Israel in the bible as its controlled by Zionist/Jesuits/Rothchild. 

Please see this thread as it says something else is the mark of the beast.

Understand that the Jesuit General controls the CIA, the FBI, the KGB, the Israeli Mossad, the German BND, the British SIS. The Jesuit General is in COMPLETE CONTROL of the entire intelligence apparatus, FBI, every bureaucratic agency in America, all of it. He is in complete control of it.

So, whenever he wants to find something out about an individual, they put in the Social Security number, and everything from all of the intelligence apparatus kicks in, and he and his provincials can know all about that man. Credit cards, you name it, everything that is attached to Rome’s social security number, which FDR put upon us in 1933. Rome was behind FDR in putting him in office.

Some of the things that FDR did was implement social insecurity, the income tax, and recognizing Joseph Stalin’s bloody Jesuit USSR government. The Social Security number, is Rome’s number—we should refuse to use it—and that’s why they want everybody using it for everything: driver’s license, tax return, credit card, everything you do, that number is you and that number is Rome’s number.

The Mark of the Beast is simply Rome’s Social Security Number with the 6-6-6 system applied to make it scan- able. reference

More info to read up on link start with redman's post on there and work your way down if you like

Either way I am spreading the word of truth to the best of my ability. The info presented paints a very detailed picture, along with the proticols of zion I posted before. Here is a 4hr one I haven't listened to yet but will another time as its late/early here. The Protocols of Zion Youtube

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