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Guitar Doc

My country is a corporation.

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My Country is a Corporation


New Zealand is registered at the S.E.C. as a corporation. All the commonwealth nations are. So is the USA or more correctly USA.inc and the six interlocking corporations which make up the USA corporation which like my nation masquerades as a country. (the USA flag surrounded by a gold fringed border is the registered symbol of the USA.inc corporation not that of the former nation also known as the USA. You will note Prez Obama is always in front of the gold fringed flag as legally you must display the symbols of your corporation to all so they can see and understand who you are representing. Also US military personal will know the symbol on their equipment and uniforms is gold bordered indicating the corporation not the former country known as the USA)



The information about NZ was discovered by accident in 2004 in a search of the S.E.C. (Securities and Exchange Commission). The Nation/Corporation is registered to Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (in capitals also indicating that she is a registered corporation under commercial law rather than a person. This is standard across any nation which requires birth certificates as at the same time tied to that birth-certificate is a registered corporation with your NAME which is floated for you to use in commerce).


The place of registration is the City of London Corporation (also called The Crown) which is a one mile square district within London dating back to the time of the Romans. Just like the Vatican and Washington DC it is legally a separate country within a country. It is the seat of the BAR (British Accredited Registry) to which all lawyers who pass their BAR exam swear allegiance and loyalty to allowing them to use it registry facilities.


[Technically this is treason for US lawyers, or would be under the old system in the USA previous to 1933 when the “old USA” was defeated/foreclosed on by the banking cartel - after failing in their business plot to take over the nation. After that date all US citizens became property by contract (illegal contract, easily broken with legal knowledge) and were required to register their offspring with a birth certificate which makes them “goods” and able to be subject to US commercial law. Free people are not able to be subject to commercial law except by their own assent under their common law rights]


When the information was discovered in 2004 it was put to question by Phil Goff https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phil_Goff as he was the NZ minister in charge of that sphere at the time and it was under his authority to answer inquires of that nature. Upon investigation Phil confirmed that was the case and indeed NZ is a registered corporation under the sole control (by use of letters of patent issued by the owner) of the Queen's representative the Governor General. Phil Goff confessed that in his previous 30 years of being a politician he was unaware that was how the nation (corporation) was actually owned and run. It came as much a surprise to him as those who made the inquiry. (thus the deception is perpetrated at the highest levels)


In NZ when the government passes a law it is not legal until signed off by the Governor General as they don't actually have any authority themselves, only granted authority. To date he/she has not refused to sign any proposed law.


As Governor General he/she has the authority to dissolve the government at any time and convene new elections. (such as was done by Australian Governor General John Kerr when he dismissed the Labour Government under Gough Whitlam on 11th Nov 1975. In this we see there is no democracy in reality, that is just a story for sheep.) This however is how we can legally bring down any commonwealth government as people. Written into every commonwealth country is “if a general strike by 75% of the working population is to occur for 5 working days the government is dissolved and elections are held.” In doing so if the nation repeated the strike the previous candidates would be deemed unsuitable to re-sit for election. In this way if united we could end the political careers of any politicians in a commonwealth nation.


The real reason behind this is the government could not sign off on supply and demand (the creation of money backed by the taxes of the working population) effectively meaning it could not pay it's bills nor service it's loans. In this we see every nation which owes money is also vulnerable for the same reasons.


NZ is a corporation not a country at all. We can't get out of being a corporation except by negotiation with the registered owner. To date no former commonwealth nation has been able to do this as part of gaining “independence” is the agreement to still be subject to the Crown Corporation “for their own good”.


These corporations go unnoticed on the Queen's list of assets as they are not making a profit, instead they are on the other ledger of owing money rather than making money. On paper her Majesty owns one sixth of the land above the water on the earth. (not to mention controlling 80% of all uranium sources known and being the producer of 80% Landmines -something which former Princess Diana crusaded against most likely resulting in her early death.)


The City of London Corporation itself is contracted to the Vatican (as of 1525AD) to no doubt give it authority and legitimize it in the same way Royalty was legitimized by the Vatican when they “crowned” people as they advertised themselves to the the ultimate authority on earth under God.


The Rothschild banking Cartel is also a contracted member of the City of London Corporation (and may be the leading influence there) along with the 80 most powerful financial institutes in the world. It should be noted it encompasses Fleet Street.










It should be noted without this institution there would be no Commercial Law (Contract Law or British Admiralty Law) . It was only through negotiations with the city of Philadelphia as to damages (to which they owed compensation) after the War of Independence in the USA that the US became also subject to this legal system. (because they accepted the Royal Commission of Inquiry  as the rules by which they negotiated for and thereby granted them authority over them by their agreement.)


[A slick trick by the British monarchy. When they couldn't win by war they often won by paperwork and legal trickery such as in NZ after their 4th best and then their 2nd best Generals were defeated by the Maori. The best General was having problems in India so they could not bring in the entire might of the British army which would have ended badly because the Maori were advanced Guerilla fighters who invented trench warfare and artillery shelters in their struggle against foreign occupation]


In all this there a several legal points of contention which have never been addressed. When the United Nations was formed it was by use of Contract Law in which the “right to self determination” was granted to every nation joining the United Nations. The point of contention is the Queen could not legally appoint a Governor General to preside over the laws. It has been claimed she signs at the top rather than the bottom to avoid breaking this law( a signature at the bottom is sign of you have read the agreement and have agreed to the above) and the rest is simple deception. If so then none of the laws ratified by the Governor General are legal. This has yet to be tested in court.

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The US Federal Reserve is a private business. They make our money, and it clearly says that on the dollar bill. Lincoln was assassinated because he tried to establish a real national currency. JFK, ditto. Reagan got a warning shot from his brain-scrambled shooter, one of the first of the modern targets of MKUltra and a host of other mind-control black ops.

The Queen and her London bank own us all. They always have. When we see our names printed in all capital letters in official documents, we know we are their chattel. The land we think we own can be taken from us with the stroke of a pen. The creation of the US was a plan of the Bank to make it appear that we are independent. I forget the rationale. Guitar Doc, you probably can explain it.

We discuss the Matrix on another thread. I absolutely believe it is real. Not in the sci-fi plot of the movie. We have always lived in a dream state, controlled by overloads. Probably Archons.

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I learned this in the first month of Maritime Law classes in the 1970s ! Governments are Corporations and if you want to get deeper into this rabbit hole even people as individuals are corporations . research Strawman and dummy corporations . The only thing that can't be owned is the sovereign . A sovereign can only be imprisoned agents their will and we are . Everyone is owned that has a title " Birth; title/certificate " .


And now I call countries Rothschild/Rockefeller assets ..

And to if I can add : I find it funny when there is all this encouragement for everyone to vote in a national election, it's only goal is to give the illusion the government is a legitimate one .


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When will the Brits (English, really) realize they need to get rid of the Archon Queen?

Can it be done? What special sunglasses do they need to put on to see the monster that lives beneath her skin and that of her awful royal family? 

Poor Lady Di. They ate her up, figuratively and probably literally.


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