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News in and around your hood.

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 Cinnamon    14,455

I'm going to be back here tomorrow to write what's going on around me and stories about my area. Please share yours,too. No need to get specific, just things you see happening and want to share, good or bad. Tomorrow I'll be talking about my friends learning how to grow veggies and fruits and now they've got chickens and eggs. (great friends to have!)  Meantime, share yours if you feel like it.

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 Cinnamon    14,455

The past 3 or 4 years, I've been talking to my neighbors about the state of affairs in our area. Food, money, war and gradually started talking about the laws that have been passed that none of them knew about, like the NDAA, etc. At first they weren't very worried, but as they saw their money buying less and less food, well, less and less of everything, they started to pay more attention. So far I've got 3 people to start growing food to supplement their grocery bills. Things like tomatoes, lettuce, eggplant, okra and peppers. At least they're doing something! And some are buying chickens and a few are buying goats, too. More are saying they will be doing this in the near future.

Since there's so much gloom and doom out there, it's nice to see people doing things to try and help themselves. I also see people repairing things that are repairable instead of throwing them away. I've seen a couple start doing bike repair and small appliance repairs to earn extra cash. Others are dusting off old skills they've forgotten, like how to use herbs for medicine and changing their eating habits for better health. We're watching out for each other more, now that we have met and made friends with each other. We barter things when we can, too.

Just wanted to share something good for a change, since the view hasn't been so good from up here for awhile.


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 CSB    1,663

http://www.sherv.net/cm/emoticons/bad/biker-smiley-emoticon-1.gifHello  It's always a great day to be alive ....

In my home town here of 22,000 there are a few that I know of, that have woke up and we have talked about it; what is it that we can do in short of throwing a bucket of ice cold water on this flock . As for myself I have made fliers and small booklets, made DVD movies from YouTube videos and now I'm considering a bumper sticker making machine . 

This past weekend; Saturday night I ran into a small group of blacks 5 young guys and one girl in their upper teens hanging out at the city river park . We talked about the racist Confederate flag and what the meaning of it was to them and how the raciest issue was growing around our country and even our town   . Then I gave them my thoughts and some history about it . We did get along and it gave them something to explore on the subjects of propaganda and population manipulation something they never gave a thought to . One of the boys and the girl both told me that their parents " two different familys I mite add " did not see the flag as raciest and were upset that the flag was being used to divide people rather than to use it to embrace alliances . I was surprised to hear this !   They found the subjects interesting and even wrote down a few titles to YouTube videos and websites that I had with me . Believe it or not we walked together to Dairy Queen and I bought us all a ice cream cone . It must have looked funny to people here 6 black kids and one older white guy in his 60s walking down the street having a good time laughing and talking . I enjoyed my time with them and I feel that I made a few new friends . Then we shake hands the girl gave me a hug and I went on my way . A short version of that story .

Great ! One more step completed . 

Most people here in the past have seen me as some kind of a Rabble Rouser but now with the in your face issues that have become more in the open some people are asking questions and asking my opinions .

I mite add this note . People here that have a good paying job some money a nicer house a newer car still can't really feel the pain that most here have that are living from payday to payday this has become their norm . But to those that have everything I warn you your complacency will become a surprise demise and I think soon .


As for the news in and around my hood . G girl I could write a book . But I will say this the police state lives here as it will in any large city and the crime has gone through the roof do to the lack of jobs . Illegals coming in living off of assistances and homeless people now are sleeping in the parks under cardboard boxes . 

It pissed me off to see this city repair one road so Hillary Clinton could have a smooth ride through town and cleaned out the few homeless from the river park see she couldn't see them .. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .





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 WhiteHorse    490

Well the news in our hood is the copperheads are out eating ' locust' cicada larva as they hatch out of their shell, watch where you go at night. We live the song sung by hank Williams jr A country boy can survive.  Learning skills like canning, sugar cure meat, dehydrating food, gardening, will come in handy. My grandfather taught me if you have a fishing pole and a 22 you will never starve. He and my grandmother raised six boys and six girls on love and squirrels, rabbits, beans and taters, fish. They always had a garden. City folks are going to get a crash course in country. 

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