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Bernie Sander takedown of Trump's Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement

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 ESET    1,190

Bernie Sanders reacts to Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

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 Cinders77    95

I just can't fathom people who really believe mankind is causing climate change. 

I worked with a woman in her early 60's who truly believe LAWNMOWERS IN CALIFORNIA were a contributing factor to global warming (which is what it was referred to at the time. )  I laughed when she told me that and she got offended.  I asked as seriously as I could, "you really believe lawnmowers are causing global warming?"  When she said "yes" I figured she must have escaped from the asylum and her handlers had no idea where she was.

ALL the planets have climate issues, my friends, not just earth.  I can't tell you what that means or what is causing it (I have my suspicions) but it's not HUMANS or cow dung. 

It's just another lie to get more $$$$$$ out of us subjects (carbon footprint tax, anyone?)


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