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U.S. Paid $1 Billion To Paris Agreement Green Fund – All Other Nations Combined $0…

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 abigfatzero    3,527

U.S. Paid $1 Billion To Paris Agreement Green Fund – All Other Nations Combined $0…

The Paris Treaty was/is always about distribution of economic wealth; and the convenient use of “climate phrases” as branding instruments used to create political policy favorable to multinational corporate interests who control the shifting of economic wealth.

Listen to the responses from participating EU corporate comptrollers discussing climate and the entire purpose of the Paris Treaty becomes self-evident.  Example:

“The preservation of our competitive position is the precondition for successful climate protection. This correlation is often underestimated.”

~ Matthias Wissmann, President of German Auto Industry Group VDA

The preservation of Germany’s competitive auto manufacturing position is contingent upon the U.S. exporting it’s wealth and handcuffing itself to a faux-climate treaty.  Do not take my word for it, read Wissmann’s own interview.  The Paris Treaty is nothing about climate, and everything about economics and multinational corporate interests.

Forbes on Fox had an interesting discussion segment earlier today where some of the panel participants explained and discussed this exact issue.   The Paris Climate Treaty was never about “climate” it was fundamentally about “economics”.


The Paris Climate Treaty has nothing to do with “climate” and everything possible to do with economics, globalism and the controlled redistribution of economic wealth as constructed through decades of advanced policies by multinational financial interests.

There are factually TRILLIONS of dollars at stake.

More in the link.........



Somebody's not going to be happy and many of those somebody's are at Bilderberg...............:club:


A notable comment from the article........


Also, take note of their carefully constructed messaging scheme. Mitt Romney etc. sell this to our side as a necessity to maintain global American prominence (preying on our love of country), while Al Gore etc. sell this to the left as a necessity to protect the environment (preying on their social justice tendencies).

Once you see the scheme, you simply can’t unsee it.



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