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Video: UK: Arrests made as EDL clash with antifascists in Liverpool

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 ESET    1,190

English Defence League protesters clashed with left-wing activists in Liverpool, Saturday, leading to several arrests as police stepped in to prevent the clashes from escalating.

One counter-protester explained the activists' reasons for opposing the EDL march in Liverpool, saying: "we're here from Unite Against Fascism, trade unions and many other anti-fascists groups to say that fascists like the EDL aren't welcome in a diverse city like Liverpool, they're not welcome anywhere and they should not be allowed police protection to march with a hateful islamophobia in this city or any city."



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 kbet    495

The only fascists there are antifa, as there are no trade unions aligning with antifa(meaning it is a bullshit slogan, far removed from reality) The cops are there to defend the fascist antifa, as the EDL, on a level playing field would curb stomp them. Antifa are psychopathic terrorists, that need to be deported or found guilty of treason and dealt with.

The Bilderberg Group, use Antifa as their browshirts.

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