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US: Hackers vow to release U.A.E. ambassador’s emails

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 ESET    1,226

A hacker group calling itself “GlobalLeaks” has begun distributing hacked emails stolen from the inbox of Yousef Al Otaiba, the United Arab Emirates’ ambassador to the United States and a man credited for cementing America’s close alliance with the U.A.E. in the war on ISIS.


The hackers reached out to The Daily Beast in email this week to offer a sample of the messages they claimed demonstrated “how a small rich country/company used lobbyists to hurt American interests and those of it allies.” The leaks, they said, “reveal how million of dollars were used to hurt reputation of American allies and cause policy change.”

The leakers said they plan to publish the material themselves on Saturday.

The sample is comprised of 55 pages of documents that appear to have been printed out and recaptured by a digital camera. The leakers claimed the documents had been provided to them by a paid whistleblower embedded in a Washington, D.C., lobbyist group, though it’s clear from even a cursory examination that they were printed out from Al Otaiba’s Hotmail account.



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 kbet    844

Good. Should be interesting what is revealed.

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