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The Earth is Flat / Interview with Mark Sargent

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Growing up on South Whidbey Island, Washington, Mark Sargent started his career playing computer games professionally in Boulder Colorado. From there he spent the next 20 years training people in proprietary software. In 2014, he looked into what is no doubt the most ridiculous conspiracy ever, called "Flat Earth Theory", and through extensive research, discovered that it wasn't so laughable after all.

Early in 2015, he released a series of YouTube videos titled "Flat Earth Clues", which delves into the possibility of our human civilization actually being inside a "Truman show" like enclosed system, and how it's been hidden from the public since 1956.

Mark shed light on his background, how he made his way to Boulder Colorado. Mark explains how he was deeply into
conspiracies for many years thinking he had heard and seen it all, then he found the flat earth theory. He became a skeptic
and tried to debunk the flat earth theory. He eventually came to the conclusion that he could not prove, earth wasn't flat.

Mark explains in detail what he has discovered about the flat earth and what he believes has been suppressed.
Mark drops exclusive flat earth news. Michael expresses his astonishment for the meteoric rise of the flat earth theory.
Mark and Michael then go into discussion of NASA. Can You Really Trust everything NASA tells us? Have They lied to us before? Focus turns to Admiral Richard E. Byrd and his findings about Antarctica. What is going on out there and why aren't we being told? Mark mentions talking to Stanton Friedman about the Van Allen Belt.

The Van Allen belts are a collection of charged particles, gathered in place by Earth's magnetic field. They can wax and wane in response to incoming energy from the sun, sometimes swelling up enough to expose satellites in low-Earth orbit to damaging radiation.

Michael asks mark his opinion on mind control, and how Michael believes 65% 75% of the population is perfectly brainwashed without realization. Mark gives an example of Mind control through commercial's. Mark is a fan of film and television, Michael then goes into the old formula Hollywood keeps implementing and shoving down our proverbial throats.

Discussion comes back to the flat earth theory, Mark further discusses political leaders going out to Antarctica and buzz Aldrin. Rumors of Russians transporting artifacts, stories of portals and entities in regards to what was truly going out there. Michael mentions the popularity of mark's videos and how he believes several popular names like, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Joe Rogan and bill Nye, have most likely have seen his videos, and how they are talking about mark subliminally.

Michael asks marks opinion on extraterrestrial life, will we go to mars? Elon Musk's wanting to implant a computer in your brain. Mark takes a call from a listener to further discuss the flat earth theory and what he believes is the absolute truth.

"NASA is the poster boy for science" - Mark Sargent


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