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TrIIumph: The Executive Session | Music from a cop user

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Shoutout to UK and Cinnamon at 2:15-ish for being the ONLY moderators in the public conspiracy sphere (ats, glp, lop, etc) to allow alternative cosmology discussions to take place. PROPS for that.



[0]The Executive Session


The modern day embodiment of Plato's philosophies

gave rise to thieves who create those atrocities of

late [1]. If you swallow what the state says [2], you're honestly a

brain-dead and rotting heap of zombie meat. We create

payola policies of Crayola quality. We

make up the Ponzi schemes that bankrupt economies then

blame f**kin' poverty and bottom feeders [3]. Gotta be this

way? No. Gonna be this way 'cuz I say so.

Stay close,  follow me. Take orders properly [4].

Stay broke, fall to knee and pray, hope, grovel, plead, and

this/that. Obey you authorities [5] and if that's a

problem we encourage you to say so, but quietly. 'Cuz

make no mistakes bro, we'll break both your collars, knees, and

face bone, penetrate your grey skull, lobotomy your

brain, slowly sodomied by flamethrowers, barbecued and

flayed open, slaughtered more than Gray's whole Anatomy could

name homie. Double-crossing me? Better think on it [6].

Take a moment. Ponder while you're chained, drawn, and quartered whether

chainsaw or boiling oil brang more enjoyment for you!


...Or just play bogus. Fake it like you ain't notice

anything. President don't play along? Brains blown to

smithereens: Abe Lincoln, Kennedy. King, Malcolm,

Huey P [7]. Kings have been guillotined! Think that you

ain't gon' feel the sting of the Killa Beez? Bank on it.

Everything you think you own, you don't ...banks own it [8].

Masonic symbols on currency [9]. We claim coin-

cidence [10] when it ain't so, begetting a nation full of

a-holes face-rolling in shit. And they don't

give a shit! Amazing, isn't it? But ignorance [11] is

bliss and complacency's a b*tch. Train a gene-

ration to be slaves as little kids, the next one won't com-

plain when they're chained up getting whipped.


Anyone who wades through our mazes of scripted events is labeled an i-

diot-brained, crazed conspiracist [12]. Deranged and clin-

ically insane 'cuz they're paying attention, so the on-

ly valid response is to shame and belittle them. Our

agents [13] spit venom and flame at 'em, anything but en-

gage with 'em serious, while remaining conspicuous on con-

spiracy websites entirely populated and

moderated by people who ain't conspiracists!

Some brave citizens raising dissidence [14] amidst

waves of infiltrants trained to shill against them [15].

Agent Smiths in this Matrix of mis/disin-

Formation [16], 'cept for UK and Cinnamon.


But this ancient, wicked enslavement system [17] isn't get-

ting saved. We built it this way as a prison for the in-

sane [18] and demented. It is plagued with victims of divi-

sion games [19] in infinite pain. We split 'em into big

gangs of illiterate, craven, hypocrite, shit

stains, with pencil dicks waved in semi-impotent

rage against dissension [20]. Favoritism is a big

thang. Prevent you spittin' major wisdom in a big

way with censorship. Parrots living in a big

Cage. No Nicolas could save this Christmas, it's a bit

late. Their mission is to stay in their lane and to get

paid. Too arrogant to maybe consider that they're get-

ting played [21]. Mention it and they get livider than Rick

James was getting when cocaine would hit 'im in the rib

cage. Kicking shit and flailing sensitive-skinned

babes and mental midget cavemen primitives. You're

lame and your claims of innocence have fallen on

deaf ears. I'm Beethoven b*tch! Debate's over!

...Get a makeover, put a cape on,

take hold of this dick and make your apology

or pay your deposit, please. Ain't no option C.


Make sure to take the blue pill from the pharmacy and

eat larger quantities. Three quarter-pounder cheese

burgers, double Whoppers need some love too. f**k you. En-

joy you irradiated mango and cottage cheese.

Grape soda promptly leads to brain-stroke and heart disease.

Gravestones oughtta read: "Pale old doctors be them

real Ghostface Killahs...no Kangol or Wallabees." [22]

Participate in this staged Idiocracy of

payoffs and briberies, layoffs and lobbying.

Praise the hypocrisy and feigned generosity of

faithless and Godless beings made into Gods and Kings.


War is our main methodology [23].

War on poor folks creating more poverty [24].

War on drugs, and not for safety but profiting [25].

Wars of terror spread in the name of democracy! [26] You

can't see the mockery? Not even in the form of

Nobel Peace Prizes gave to Obama on a

day that he was bombing people? [27] And we're the same ones that

claimed that Saddam was evil. So we hanged 'im then

framed Al-Assad as lethal. Then we gave guns and

raised funds to start a revolt. And we named 'em the

Great Mother Isis [28] reborn. Shoulda gave us a

stake to the heart, we're cold-blooded vampires and

forked-tongued damn liars! Our murders assassi-

nated Gaddhafi [29] before he could empower and

raise up the common people by money partnered with gold.

...Thought he was gonna replace the petrodollar, we smoked

his ass. Choked and dragged through the dead heat and folks

just laughed as we poked his ass with machetes [30].


You viewing these crimes [31] as bravery's quite deceitful.

For surely I'm highly amazed at that kind of deep throat.

I shouldn't be though; you're trained to admire evil.

Your giant egos are prey to the giant eagle.

The higher we rose, the PLANE-er the lies are exposed [32].

You know how it goes: aim, cock, *Blakka*, reload

the propaganda. Loki gone bananas with the

Golden Rod in hand to control the modern manimal. The

Protocols of Cannibals showed us how to channel with the

long-forgotten Pantheons and woe-begotten phantoms of old.

...Souls departed from the Holy Garden, shackled in stone

in a gargantuan, glow-in-the-dark castle of bones

in a volcano that moats a small chapel.

Ghost-form Vatican Popes on horseback with

chloroform patches and ropes. A faux-Dracula gores

his war path. World of Warcraft in a cold

and stark attic where coal-horned jackalopes roam

in tall caverns 'neath an old Los Angeles home.


You haven't a hope of defining the divine with my-

opic mind of a Vulcan scientist. Widen your scope

kid. Get blinded by the light when it's shining in fo-

cus, make vaginas out your eye sockets, positively

mind-f**king primal implosions of the spirals and the

phi symbols, 9s and 25s that's comprising the code [33].

...Try to decode the sciences behind the occult

which I have occulted. The five-sided fiery goat

of Scientism [34]. The Great One, the Final Insult.

The High Religion of The State, son: The Lightbringer Cult.

The finest assault on the plane since The Bible was wrote.

The lie that we told reshaped space and time to a globe!


A Titanic hoax specifically designed to invoke

a sense of worthlessness,  you're purposeless and life is a joke.

A virus that grows and thrives for the life of the host

and violently closes the minds of the brightest adults

that it can find. Fortified and vitamin-coated

to make you mortified to codify the lies you absorb.

The bottom line is we can quantify the sign of a slope.

You're more than qualified to go and try to find it you won't! [35]

It's been immortalized and we're requiring you to buy

into the enormous lie that you're a flying body in mo-

tion. Try to retort; you're lying in denial. We're porc-

upines, you porks are spineless; swines deboned.

Presided over by nihilistic liars in bow

ties [36] and a guy who just won't die! [37] Consider his af-

fliction; unlikely a long life. A decade is a

miracle. Why is he on five and counting? It's hys-

terical, a masterpiece of fake false flaggery: What

they call gravity is based on fallacies [38]. Cre-

ate fraud math and get a play-smart patsy an or-

nate jaw pad to give a great sarcastic speech!


The audacity! Feinted y'all masterfully. Now

pay for a NASA geek to fake your reality [39] and

wait for it happily. And sorry Captain [40] but we

ain't going back to see the dang-gone flag because we

can't go dammit! So there ain't no flag to see! [41]

Laugh at the flashes as it raises up magically. [42]

That's the reaction made from 10Ks blastin' on that

shaky-ass, tacky-looking, banged up craft? That was

straight up fantasy! A preposterously

baked-up botching of a space shuttle launching costing

eight bucks tops...being craned up. Obviously

ain't no rockets made of tape and epoxy [43]. It's a

lame duck mock. A cardboarded and black construction

paper box with a dang go kart [44] beneath a

dinged up tarp, all strang up sloppy like a

fake f**k prop from a Bang Bus bondage scene!

...It's appalling even shameful technology that

takes off Rocky like it banged on Apollo Creed.

Alien colonies arranged horizontally, we

ALL live on a plane...snakes on the property.


The age old prophecy of Page 4, Column B. We

play God constantly and make y'all all believe the

Great Wizard of Oz. We dictate the mob to see the

Emperor's New Clothes, but kids say the darnedest things.

...So we educate y'all forcefully [45].

Ya ain't thought logically since grade school? That just means we

trained you properly: A bitchmade cross between

Tin Man and Dorothy, Scarecrow and Lion; weak

and cowardly. A pussy where your aorta oughtta be [46].

Eighth-quart of pudding in your brainless noggin and you

ain't enough dog to pull the drape back off me 'fore the

Ape Bird Army comes to raid your quarantine!


...Soft pacifists with rainbow satchels and some

shades on? This ain't f**kin' paintball practice b*tch it's

straight war. Put away your baseball bats, I'm droppin'

napalm canisters in strafe bomb patterns on ya!

Strayed lost cattles under siege! Y'all monks in the

street going against a tank, dog? Abbot, I will

face-palm slap a chicken, stank ho ratchet b*tch's

face OFF while rockin' an 8-Ball jacket [47]. I

invaded your clans and reclaimed your land for God, en-

slaved your ancestors, raped your grandmothers, e-

rased your past, then named y'all Africans and

made y'all ass kiss the same God afterwards! [48]

...I'm the master of Chaos Sorcery.

Pay your taxes or face more torturing! [49] Pro-

vide me with worship; if you die on me before this you will

FRY in a furnace built to make your corpse scream!

Praise Lord Jehovah's Gleaming Great Golden War Machine!

Bring forth the molten-breathing Angelic Armored Legion!

Chains off the starving, teething vanguard of Altered Beasts!

GAME OVER, holla, peace! And take home a slice of pizza! [50]




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Part III; Pedophiles, Sex Slaves and British Royalty - https://tabublog.com/2015/01/28/part-iii-pedophiles-sex-slaves-and-british-royalty/




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 Tarmalen    1,320

A mixture of info/disinfo...readers be warned.


I like it. Truth is not always taught...but discovered.

EDIT: To clarify to the OP...it's not you...it's some of the data. Cheers to a great list for beginners though!

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 Ukshep    24,235

Pinned! Lots of effort went into this :)

Great job! Damn fine job...

@Cinnamon Tagged so she does not miss it...

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 Ukshep    24,235

Moved into the main forum for the day. I think you have talent. Hope you do a lot more. And make a career out of it. We're in bad need of some good music relating to conspiracies.

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 Anthem(0)    593

I definitely have a few more gems I'm working on. I'm working on an at least getting and EP worth of powerful songs. All the tracks will be long like this one though, I'm a fan of old school 12" cuts with the extended refrains and minutes of guitar and bass solos tacked on at the end. Gonna fuse hip-hop lyrics with live instrumentation. This track is PURE hip-hop though since that's my roots.

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 Ukshep    24,235
Just now, Anthem(0) said:

I definitely have a few more gems I'm working on. I'm working on an at least getting and EP worth of powerful songs. All the tracks will be long like this one though, I'm a fan of old school 12" cuts with the extended refrains and minutes of guitar and bass solos tacked on at the end. Gonna fuse hip-hop lyrics with live instrumentation. This track is PURE hip-hop though since that's my roots.

Hey it all sounds good to me. It's hard to find good conspiracy/truth tracks.. And it feeds my mind. Others will feel the same :D 

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 LuckyBolt    1,764


Bring back true hip hop and rap that speaks the truth and not shit about your fvcking car or slapping b*these.


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 Anthem(0)    593

yeah rap gets a bad rap (no pun intended) because of the self-absorbed/YOLO direction that MAINSTREAM rap was forced by the people who sign the checks (a deep conspiracy within itself that I didn't even touch on in the song). But rap as an art can be a powerful deliverer of truth. Old school hiphop is jam-packed with great songs all about truth/revolution/positivity/etc.

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