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running list of everything NFL conspiracy theorist William Hayes does and does not believe in 2 Aliens? Yes. Dinosaurs? No. Mermaids? May

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 Carnivalpunk    212

Miami Dolphins defensive end William Hayes is one of the more interesting players in the NFL, and it’s not because he was traded for a stapler and a coffee machine. It’s because of his beliefs, like that dinosaurs never existed.

“I don’t believe a T-rex ever walked this Earth." "I just think we just put those things there just so we can have some shit to talk about, you know what I mean?” Hayes claims he did do a lot of research on dinosaurs in the past, but as he grew older it became ridiculous to him. “It made me definitely not believe in it.”


He's could post here. Most call him a fool but he's looked into things and has his own conclusions, just like the rest of us should. 

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