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Easy Skanking

GWAR Call Out Kathy Griffin for ‘Stolen’ Severed Trump Head Bit

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GWAR Call Out Kathy Griffin for ‘Stolen’ Severed Trump Head Bit


Comedienne Kathy Griffin got into trouble yesterday (May 31) for a photo shoot where she held up a faux severed head of president Donald Trump, leading to her firing from CNN’s annual New Years Eve celebration. The grizzly pic came off as disturbing to many, but GWAR have taken issue for another reason entirely — gimmick infringement!

GWAR have been brutally slaying presidents for decades, indiscriminately dismembering politicians from both sides of the aisle, pop culture icons, fellow musicians and the occasional fan who gets too close. With the 2016 presidential election long over, of course GWAR will be “killing” Donald Trump onstage and bassist Beefcake the Mighty has some choice words for Griffin.

“So, Kathy Griffin, you think you’re so shocking with your severed Trump head,” Beefcake yells while holding his own severed Trump head. “I think you know where that bit came from. It came from GWAR, you twit! Listen, you comedians have got to stop stealing bits. This is GWAR’s bit!”

Proceeding to prove his point, Beefcake held up an Obama head as well, which GWAR have used diligently for the last decade onstage. “We’ve got bits of presidents all over this place!” Beefcake says of GWAR’s Antarctic compound. “If you want the original recipe head choppers, it’s GWAR, human scum!”



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 VonLud    823

The coolest one I saw was an eight foot tall O.J. Simpson running around with his knife.

I couldn't figure out why they made his belly so big until he was eviscerated by one of the band and about 300 pounds of guts spilled all over the stage and pit.

Now that's entertainment.

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