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'Wonder Woman' banned in Lebanon because lead actress is Israeli

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"Wonder Woman" is set to hit the silver screen this weekend.

But not in Lebanon.

The film will not be shown in the country following a decision by the Ministry of Economy and Trade, which said in a statement that it has "taken all necessary action" to ban the film starring "the Israeli actress Gal Gadot."

The theater chain Grand Cinemas confirmed the news to customers: "#WonderWoman has been banned in #Lebanon," it tweeted.

The reason? Wonder Woman is played by Gadot, an Israeli who served in the country's defense forces.


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 Cinnamon    16,026

Israel has announced that they will target civilians due to Hamas in Lebanon. After that statement, I'd kick them all out of the country.  Is this story even true? Or is it more attention grabbing? 

Lebanon is on the list of countries to be taken down ala PNAC documents. 7 in total... I think only two to go now, Iran and Lebanon. 

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 Condor    820
4 hours ago, Easy Skanking said:

I think they should ban it just because Linda Carter is the real Wonder Woman. :nodl:

True, but I fell in love with Gal after Fast and Furious.

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