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Sky Cat

Washington's War on Food is Making Us Sick! With Guest Liz Reitzig

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 apache54    3,139
Posted (edited)
4 hours ago, Sky Cat said:


:iagree:====== just look around at HOW people look these days, and all this food that is just a minute in the old nuker and full of all kinds of healthy stuff! "NOT"

YUP, the government is our friend and they are here to help us!!! into our graves!! they want slave to make them richer!! is ALL they want!!

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 Lucy Barnable    2,998

Pretty much everything is poison now unless you grow it yourself and they're going after that too.

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 DRUMZ    559

Take any kind of toxic slop, package it all nice and pretty and name it, oh I don't know.. Healthy Alternative" or something like that and the sheep will slurp it up.

Can't be sued for not being healthy because it is just the "name" of the product. Not a suggestion that it is healthy, but only just a name. Gotta name it something right?


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