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Breaking: Massive explosion at the Vatican, fires burning

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 sybdragon    1,355

"An unconfirmed report claims the fire is "burning in a car yard" a couple of kilometres away from the Vatican." From the article....

A car yard? That would explain the black smoke. All those tires and rubber burning. A massive mistake? A loud boom? Someone testing out car bombs? Black smoke is usually oil related products, tires, rubber, etc........ Wood doesn't burn black like that. Wood smoke is white or greyish. This is not wood. It's something else. So it's not a house. A factory or something and they are not saying that so.... Tires are burning? And who would have set them on fire? Where is the other hand since everyone is watching this harmless smoke? What is this hiding or is it hiding anything? I am so suspicious now-a-days about everything. I guess they will blame this on Trump because he was just there visiting. Waiting on it.... :whistle:

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 kbet    790
1 hour ago, Tarmalen said:

Outside the Vatican.


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 ESET    1,190
Just now, thedudeabides said:

Thanks everyone with time to keep us updated!

Aren´t we the best :D

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