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New Study Links Taking Selfies with Psychopathy

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Nothing captures the current sickness of our culture, quite like the selfie. We have an entire generation of kids and adults who feel compelled to document every moment of their day, and display it for all to see in the hopes that they can validate their lives in the eyes of their peers. In reality, if you post these “please look at me” pictures on a daily basis, it’s painfully obvious you’re steeped in insecurity and self-loathing. However, a recent study has found that people who take frequent selfies are showing signs of another condition that probably isn’t all that surprising.

Researchers from Ohio University found that people (and men in particular) who post numerous selfies and spend a lot of time editing them, are of course, more likely to be narcissistic. But what they also found is that these people are also probably psychopaths. The lead author of the study noted “The more interesting finding is that they also score higher on this other anti-social personality trait, psychopathy, and are more prone to self-objectification.”

Fortunately there is a silver lining in all of this. If you’re an active user of any social media website, and find that one of your “friends” is posting selfies several times a day, now you know who you should stay the hell away from in the real world. So keep your friends close, and keep your soulless enemies on Facebook.


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:P16MI8q:  Talon your on to something here !  I know people that do this chit and they are so into them selves . psychopaths Ya thats how I see them .

and one has to love this idea : Keep your friends close, and keep your soulless enemies on Facebook .


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