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Year Million: Nat Geo Transhumanism, Ghost in the Shell and the Human Spirit (A Condor special)

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 Condor    1,089

Year Million

The six-part docudrama "Year Million" paints a visual story of what it will be like to be a human 1 million years into the future. Narrated by Laurence Fishburne, the series features top futurists, scientists, scholars and notable science-fiction writers guiding viewers through the latest advances in technology, ideas and innovations and to an existence where we're living beyond our bodies, beyond our planet and beyond our solar system. Illustrative, imaginative storytelling describes humanity's fate through the lens of a typical futuristic American family, which includes an android daughter.


Episode 1 – Homo Sapien 2.0: May 15, 9/8c
Advances in neuroscience and engineering are bringing us closer toward a reality first described in great science fiction, one in which artificial intelligence will become indistinguishable from – or perhaps even surpass - human intelligence.

Episode 2 – Never Say Die: May 22, 9/8c
Recent breakthroughs in genetics have given us a better understanding of the biology of humans, opening up new ways that could help us all live healthier for longer. In the future, will we move beyond treating individual diseases and, instead, treat the aging process itself? How would a dramatically protracted life change not only the fabric of society, but what it means to be a human being?

Episode 3 – Dude, Where’s My Body?: May 29, 9/8c
We’re seeing more and more of human activity transfer to virtual spaces, offering people profound experiences via online personas and even transforming the way the real-world functions. Will we reach a tipping point where reality becomes a pale shadow of the rich, imaginative, virtual worlds we’ve created for ourselves? What will that mean for our perception of humanity? What do we risk losing?

Episode 4 – Mind Meld:  June 5, 9/8c
Within a single generation, the Internet has transformed virtually every aspect of modern culture from the way we learn and work to the ways in which we communicate and express ourselves. How has this constant connectivity affected our views on privacy? How will they continue to change as new technologies like neural prosthetics help us create seamless, instantaneous connections to the cloud? Eventually, will we evolve to the point of telepathy? How will this affect our relationships to each other? Will this give us new tools or insight into communication with other civilizations that might exist beyond Earth?

Episode 5 – Energy Beyond Earth: June 12, 9/8c
Overconsumption of energy and resources has led us to a breaking point where we will either have to engineer our way around our problems, or look to other planets to inhabit.

Episode 6 – Beyond the Cosmos: Premieres Monday, June 19, 9/8c
Humans have always had a drive to explore the unknown. This indomitable spirit has led us to new shores, new depths and, in the last century, to new planets.


Backstory for Posting

I was in a doctor's office today waiting for someone and read about 4 National Geographics.  3 were great until I got to the 4th.  The WAR on SCIENCE. 

The cover - https://lbrbblog.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/natgeo.png

Full article - http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2015/03/science-doubters/achenbach-text

Here's a few tidbits of journalism gold that set me off.  (As if the 6 year old transgender boy wasn't enough a couple months ago)

"Actually fluoride is a natural mineral that, in the weak concentrations used in public drinking water systems, hardens tooth enamel and prevents tooth decay—a cheap and safe way to improve dental health for everyone, rich or poor, conscientious brusher or not. That’s the scientific and medical consensus."  :naughty:

"Maybe—except that evolution actually happened. Biology is incomprehensible without it. There aren’t really two sides to all these issues. Climate change is happening. Vaccines really do save lives. Being right does matter—and the science tribe has a long track record of getting things right in the end." :club:

"Meanwhile the Internet makes it easier than ever for climate skeptics and doubters of all kinds to find their own information and experts. Gone are the days when a small number of powerful institutions—elite universities, encyclopedias, major news organizations, even National Geographic—served as gatekeepers of scientific information."   :oops:


Alright thank you, back to the post!

I mentioned the above because as I got home and finished planting the garden, I hear this 30 second commercial for Nat Geo Year Million that immediately grabbed my attention since I pay attention to 2's and also a few of your have probably heard me mention (and are sick of?) Ghost in the Shell.  A granddaddy to trans humanism that I have been a little obsessed with since the 2017 HD version got leaked and peaked my interest in the series once again.  

Narrated by Morpheus of course.  Premiered May 15 2017.


"Science fiction is a road map for where we are heading" "A virtual reality where aging is dead" "What if you could live forever?" "Where AI live with us."  "Machines will get some kinds of rights."  "The dangers of going where God intended us not to go"


Will this become a reality and if so, how does this tie into world events?  Will this be reserved for the elite or pushed freely on the masses to complete their control and enslave man?

The following 2 clips both deal with AI and should be complimentary.  Don't skip the first 2 scenes in the 2nd clip, but I want to draw attention to the 3rd scene. 

Here is the most sophisticated android as of now.

1995 Ghost in the Shell 3 top philosophical scenes. (Philosophy, sci-fi action, haunting music and visually stunning); Note: upon first viewing as a teen this movie was very unsettling but I've grown to love it and understand the main character's search to become something more and question her own reality.

Also directly responsible for the Matrix series, with even direct shots and scenes taken from it.  I'm sure there's a comparison out there if you so desire. ;)

(Please forgive for dubbed version, meant for easiness) :D

Don't get me wrong, the idea of cybernetic bodies and allotted abilities is VERY TEMPTING and many including my former self would jump at this offer.  And who would blame them?

We are allowed to be tempted and there is nothing wrong with that, it is only when you act upon desire that one brings folly. 

"Blessed is the man that endureth temptation; for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him"  - Paul of Tarsus


A Excellent Franchise Overview! 

Table of contents:

0:00 - Introduction

1:08 - Ghost in the Shell (Manga)

7:26 - Ghost in the Shell (Movie)

9:53 - Ghost in the Shell (PSX Game)

10:45 - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (Subfranchise)

23:06 - Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

24:23 - Ghost in the Shell 2.0

25:24 - Ghost in the Shell: Arise (Subfranchise)


I personally believe that this future will not come to pass, or if it does, will only last a short while for the sake of the elect and saints. 

Thank you for your time and Godspeed!

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 Condor    1,089

Regarding the Director: Mamoru Oshii & Zionism.

Oh dear, the deeper I look, the more I find!  Just not on the topic I stared, more regarding the Director. 

Mamoru Oshii.  In his youth he was at a Christian seminary school in training but lost his way.  One of his first animations was a piece called "Angel's Egg", which I just recently viewed and searched for subsequently had to find further analysis.  It's a trippy art piece that has overt Christian tones about losing one's faith... or so I thought.  Some call it art in motion or a moving water painting.  Very little dialogue and chilling sounds & score.

Then I see this comment someone had made is a discussion about the films meanings.  The individual referred to the film as a anit-Zionist movie about the dangers of blinding following it's destructive nature.  I couldn't help but chuckle and dig deeper. 

Another comment from an Amazon review ---> https://www.amazon.com/Tenshi-no-Tamago-Anime/product-reviews/B00DHD9J68

"A masterpiece for those that value uniqueness and deft use of minimalist symbolism. This is enigmatic, somber material to be sure... mysterious. The creator Oshii even states, or claims he doesn't even know the meaning of this strange and enchanting visual, musical tone poem. I've read that he had a falling out from Christianity, so I take this as an anti-Zionist work, which I wholeheartedly embrace since I myself have left belief in most religions behind me long ago. To me the symbolism if obviously anti-Zionist as the all seeing eye descends and the crusader steps forth into view on the black and white checkered/Satanic landing pad. The subversive Zionist force sets forth to destroy and enslave another civilization unto it's ruination."

See this screenshot of the monolith and symbolism in said film:  http://nopybot.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/angelegg-06.jpg

Again there is this comment about another film of his.  "In Mamoru Oshii's Blood: The Last Vampire: Night of the Beasts, the Rothschild family hold a key position in the novel as part of the global conspiracy surrounding vampires. In the Blood+ anime series, the five Chevaliers who serve Diva, the main villain, are named after Amschel and his male sons."

Keyword search "Oshii" to find the comment.  Bonus, there is an actual lengthy post regarding Zionism for those interested.   :goodpost:https://forum.go-bengals.com/index.php?/topic/28005-what-is-a-zionist/

Man the s#!t you find on the internet!  Interestingly the sub forum for conspiracies there is called "JESUS & DRUMPF"  What's up with that?


Alright enough 6 degrees of satanism.  :handrubl:


I had viewed a few clips of the "Year Million" series and find the questions raised simply quite intriguing.  Especially the topics discussed in the "Never say Die" 4 minute clip. 

Further investigation will be entertained and I will report back my findings.  

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 Condor    1,089

I want to be more like a Human.

Even though the responses are written and programmed to a certain degree, a neural net processor has the ability to learn and change. 

And THERE'S that theme again with memories as stated in the video description.

Is your identity constructed from your memories? Are you afraid of being replaced by a superior version of yourself? Will robots eventually annihilate humans?


Others are catching on as the veil is lifting.

On 5/21/2017 at 1:34 PM, CSB said:

Your Brain Is Not a Computer

Authored or posted by Pao Chang

By Robert Epstein, contributing writer for SOTT.net

No matter how hard they try, brain scientists and cognitive psychologists will never find a copy of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony in the brain – or copies of words, pictures, grammatical rules or any other kinds of environmental stimuli. The human brain isn’t really empty, of course. But it does not contain most of the things people think it does – not even simple things such as ‘memories’.

Link to the whole post : http://omnithought.org/your-brain-is-not-computer/5808

I find this vary interesting because I am human and a explorer of the subconscious mind  ... Where are my memories stored ?

This is a subject we have not talked about ... Yet ...

Oh we will CSB, we will!  Perhaps in the cells as UoT claims?

"The University of Toronto team has discovered memories are encoded in just a few cells of the brain, and hope they will find a way to wipe out the bad ones using drugs"


Our glorious leader @Cinnamon had just posted a technique regarding dealing with bad memories, now all you need is drugs!!!  :D


On 5/22/2017 at 3:11 PM, octopus prime said:



3.     The Brain-Net Will Augment the Internet

In decades to come, we will control computers with our minds, not a mouse.The European Union and the United States are committing hundreds of millions of dollars to map the neural pathways of the brain, the next big project in science. This could alleviate the misery of those suffering from mental illness and allow paralyzed people to control computers, video games, appliances, wheelchairs and mechanical arms and legs with sheer thought.

As in science fiction, via the Internet we will be able to experience telepathy (mind-to-mind contact) and telekinesis (mind controlling matter), to upload memories, create a brain-net (memories and emotions sent over the Internet), and record thoughts and even dreams. Basic proofs of principle for all of this have been demonstrated.

Future predictions?

From The DARPA Thread we see that they are planning to hack the human brain to let us "upload" skills.

On 5/6/2017 at 0:15 PM, sybdragon said:

I have heard rumors that one day, you will download your personality into a computer. You will carry this computer (smartphone?) with you everywhere so it can record you and when you die, an avatar will be made of you to download your what? thoughts, knowledge learned throughout life, your memories? But what about your soul? Are they going to find a way to capture a soul?

Will your Ghost be walking around in a Shell? :gsbrnint:


Is it any wonder that Blade Runner is a on the top viewing list for satanists?  Tyrell states that the replicants are gifted a past as a cushion for development. This leads to the questioning of one's own memories and existence does it not?  At least to those that slumber.  The idea of memories and a soul (ghost) are very much intertwined in science fiction.  We as human beings have a spirit and a body, a machine can never generate it's own spirit... But perhaps a fallen spirit could inhabit said cybernetic creation.  :scream1: 

Cyberdemons from Doom anyone?  http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/deathbattlefanon/images/0/02/Cyberdemon.gif/revision/latest?cb=20160519165811

And on that note, who is to say the AC won't be some sort of cybernetic super being? 


There is a clear agenda with regards to an attack on our memories, whether it be fake history, drugs and alcohol killing of brain cells, movies diminishing the importance of memories to an individual and now a digital threat to our biological selves. 

You can lose your spirit/soul by signing with the wrong team, but would God allow the innocent to be trapped in a digital hell?  I would like to think no. 

Now might be the time to take out insurance against such ideas.  :banana-angel-smiley-emoticon:

More to come...

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 Cinnamon    26,074
5 minutes ago, Condor said:

Our glorious leader @Cinnamon had just posted a technique regarding dealing with bad memories, now all you need is drugs!!!  :D

Uh... I didn't say anything about drugs. My technique is a common sense one for people who are suffering from an endless loop of thoughts that basically drives them crazy over time. NOthing to do with transhumanism or religion. It quite simple really. Don't read more into it than it is. 

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 Condor    1,089

"I'm the first of my kind, but I won't be the last"

"We cling to memories as if they define us, but what we do defines us"  <-- This thesis is stated at both the beginning and the end of the 2017 film.

Thanks Hollywood, I can just throw those pesky memories away and join the Borg collective. 

Below is a short clip of said dialogue.


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 Condor    1,089

Ghost In The Shell: Why It’s Still Disturbingly Relevant


"Ghost In The Shell is a sober and detached exploration of what we might gain from transhumanism and what could be taken away. The benefits of inhabiting a body which can be repaired, updated, or replaced altogether speaks for itself: sickness and disease could, in theory, be abolished forever; the transhuman generation would be the first to grow up without even considering the possibility of death.

Then again, there’s a melancholy sense of disconnection in Ghost In The Shell which might imply that all is not perfect in the transhuman future. An absence of a biological body is presented as a kind of numbness, a detachment from the self and other people. Pain, hunger, fatigue, the desire to procreate; these are the instincts which drive us, and they’re all tied to being a living, breathing organism. What might it mean if the organic bit of us were taken away? What would remain, and how would its absence change us? It’s something we’ll never know for sure until our souls fly the nest in the real world, but Ghost In The Shell presents the sensation as being a kind of melancholy or emptiness."

A good short read. 

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 Condor    1,089

Did you know cyborgs exist here and now?

I'm not talking about that "smartphone" in your hand either.


The world's first official cyborg: 10 things to know about Neil Harbisson


"The 34-year-old artist, who is completely colour-blind, hears colour with a camera-equipped antenna that is permanently embedded in the back of his skull. The "eyeborg" - as he calls it - was installed in 2004 and turns colours into notes, allowing him even to sense colours beyond human vision, such as infrared and ultraviolet.

1. He is the world's first officially recognised cyborg

Neil Harbisson is a British citizen who considers himself the first legally recognised cyborg in the world.

The British citizen considers himself the first legally recognised cyborg in the world after the UK government allowed the inclusion of his antenna in his passport photograph.

2. His eyeborg went through several stages of evolution

Designed by cybernetics expert Adam Montandon, Harbisson's original eyeborg required him to wear headphones that were connected to a laptop, reported The Guardian. However, subsequent operations placed a vibrating chip against, then within his skull, which allows him to hear the sound that vibrates through the bone."



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 sybdragon    1,660

Excellent subject Condor. EXCELLENT!!!!!   I too, am fascinated by this subject. Of course, I see this as part of prophecy. :gsbrnint: 

I have to take a day to look at all this stuff. New stuff is always happening in this area. Soon.... They will say that you can live forever by downloading yourself into a machine. Forever life.... How many people are going to jump on that bandwagon? Lots and lots of them. And they will be lost. Do not download to the machine. You will never come out of it if you do. You will die here with the earth when it dies. IMHO.  :nodl:  I do not believe you can transfer your soul to another body. Only God can do that. And I do not see God anywhere around this stuff.

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 Condor    1,089
12 minutes ago, sybdragon said:

Excellent subject Condor. EXCELLENT!!!!!   I too, am fascinated by this subject. Of course, I see this as part of prophecy. :gsbrnint: 

I have to take a day to look at all this stuff. New stuff is always happening in this area. Soon.... They will say that you can live forever by downloading yourself into a machine. Forever life.... How many people are going to jump on that bandwagon? Lots and lots of them. And they will be lost. Do not download to the machine. You will never come out of it if you do. You will die here with the earth when it dies. IMHO.  :nodl:  I do not believe you can transfer your soul to another body. Only God can do that. And I do not see God anywhere around this stuff.

Aw shucks, you brought a tear to my eye and made my day.  Bless you!

Above highlighted text - This power is reserved for God alone, and the days will be cut short to stop all these agendas. 

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 Condor    1,089

Anime and Japan are known for their "weirdness".  While GITS is grounded in much reality and seriousness, there is an aspect MISSING from the FILMS that is vital to the understanding of AI, Spirits and the possibility of benevolence among our "creations".

What is a Tachikoma? 


A tank never looked so cute! 


"A Tachikoma is a fictional artificial intelligence, walker/roller in the Ghost in the Shell universe; appearing in the manga, created by Masamune Shirow, and the Stand Alone Complex sub-universe. Nine of them are assigned to Section 9's use originally. They are spider-like, multi-legged combat vehicles, equipped with artificial intelligence.

Though they possess individual artificial intelligence, every night they are synchronized, so they start the next day with identical consciousnesses that are each the sum of their total collective experience and development. This leads to identity confusion, since each Tachikoma has the same memories. Though the Tachikoma have identical memories, their personalities and opinions are distinct. It is explained in the last episode of the first season that it is their curiosity that lets them be different from each other."


At first I rolled my eyes with much chagrin upon learning of their existence, coupled with the voices of ADOLESCENT CHILDREN (to depict a young AI).  As time went on I realized these characters are VITAL to the philosophy and plot of the series with even entire episodes devoted to them sitting around discussing existentialism.  The show goes so far as to make you care about these Tachikomas as they develop individuality and even SELF SACRIFICE that turned me into a balling idiot. :tissuespls:Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

1 minute clip of AI trying to explain God with digital and analogue. 

You simply don't get this refreshing material in Western Media! 

Another short clip.  Download Enlightenment?  :D


I'm having a hard time finding the clip containing a discussion about individuality, synchronization and memories so I'll leave it for now.  


If this has been a turn off from the 2 SEASONS Stand Alone Complex Series (03-05), then I simply ask you bear witness to the intro to Season 2.  Quite simply one of my favourite openings!!

Disclaimer: This 2 season series is simply the best dubbed anime in existence.  I CANNOT stress how good it is and the opinion is widely accepted.  This is typically NOT the case. 

Adult animation is really something! 


The lyrics are half Eng, half Russian. Go figure.  Beautiful regardless.

"I'm a soldier, and that means... ...that I'm both defendant and judge. I stand at both ends of the fire. Leaning into the curves, overtaking life and death,  I'm running to fight the shadow of lies. No matter how tangled the web of deception is woven, truth will always illuminate the outline of the light... Save your tears for the day when the pain is far behind. On you feet, come with me. we are soldiers, stand or die. Save your fears, take your place. save them for the judgement day. Fast and free. Follow me. Time to make the sacrifice. We rise or fall..."



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