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USS Ronald Regan Arrived!!The US now has 2 aircraft carriers sitting off North Korea's coast

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 RhetoricalRebel    1,061

The USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier strike group has been joined by the USS Ronald Reagan strike group off of the Korean peninsula, the US Naval Institute reports.

Although the Pentagon maintains that the aircraft carriers went there for routine deployments, and are not responding to any provocation in the region, the ballistic missile defense ships in the carrier strike groups represent an ideal match for any North Korean missile tests.

Having two carriers in the same region presents a rare opportunity for training sailors on dual-carrier operations.

Together, the Vinson and Reagan strike groups represent perhaps the most powerful concentration of naval power anywhere currently on earth. 


And the Nimitz is on the way. What will it take for Krazy Kim to back down? 


BTW, the Vinson is not leaving and will be doing joint carrier drills.


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