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Preposterous Propaganda Film “In the Fade” Wins Prize at Cannes

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 marlowe    1,497
Posted (edited)

Preposterous Propaganda Film “In the Fade” Wins Prize at Cannes

“In the Fade” is a film about terrorist attacks and the grief they inspire. There must be Muslims in it, then, right? Well, yes. But only as victims. You see the terrorists here are “neo-Nazis”. And not just neo-Nazis. German neo-Nazis. The real thing.

The main character is played by blonde, blue-eyed Diane Kruger. She married a brown-skinned Turkish drug dealer and produced a miscegenated son with him. But both husband and son tragically died in the terrorist attack committed by the aforementioned evil neo-Nazis. At the trial, the Nazis’ lawyer somehow creates reasonable doubt and the Nazis get off. So Kruger sets about exacting revenge personally. That’s it.

-  snip --

Epic Horse Manure ......:coffeetime:

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