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E.A. Koetting - Becoming A Living God |Morality|Summoning Extraterrestrials

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Episode 38: Quid Est Veritas

Koetting is the author of several books on the esoteric, and has, over the past few years risen as a leader of the practical spirituality movement. E.A. Koetting is one of the most trusted names in magick. He started in poverty, and fell into a life of crime and homelessness, only to transform himself into a self-made success with magick.

E.A. walks us through his background and What influenced him to pursue the left hand path. At a young age E.A. would read scriptures before bed, he was interested in prophecy. Interested in the fringe, He began looking into Black Magick. Wanting to contact those in the spirit world. E.A. Then Takes us Deeper Into His History. What life was Like being raised as a Mormon.

No Stranger to controversy, E.A. talks about why he believes other occultist have taken offense. Michael revels he is an agnostic-atheist. Discussion of morality and philosophy ensue. The Power of intention and the mind. A Caller drops in to ask a Question for E.A.

Terrence McKenna,  the use of psilocybin mushrooms. How to Summon UFO's and Spirits. E.A. reveals his fascination for the UFO phenomenon And Abductions. He tells us about his early childhood reading Whitley Strieber's book" Communion". E.A. Believes ET's are interdimensional beings. You manifest your own reality.

Are our world leaders using occult rituals?


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