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The STAN LEE code.

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Is Stan Lee illuminati?  Look at the main character of his X-men comic, Dr.CharLesXaVIer can you see the roman numeral for 666 (DCLXVI) encoded into Xavier's full name? That's not all in both DAN 7:24 & REV17:12 ten men/horns are given power with the antichrist aka the beast666. The roman # for 10 is X. Do the X-men represent those 10-men (X-men.) And why is the number 1 villain of the X-Men comic a JEW named Magneto.  Now Stan Lee has a new comic called "illuminati", with characters like Dr.CharLesXaVIer, Dr. Strange a wizard, and Iron Man a rich playboy, who try to change the world. DENNY

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First, Magneto isn't a villian, he's just not a hero. He's real, that's what makes him such a cool character. He isn't limited to insert dasterdly plan and evil laugh here. Read Claremont, and you'll see. Erik isn't a good guy, not by a long shot, but he's hardly 'evil'. Also, you should catch up, because it goes way past that. Check out my predictive programming thread on a comic review of the illuminati's lastest acts in the marvel universe. It has cern predictive written all over it. 

Stan was brought into the illuminati as a lower level pawn in trade for success of Spider man. And it shows, because before Stan signed his soul over, he didn't fuck Kirby and spidey didn't throw the devil horns up. After, he stole his best friend's work and spidey started throwing up the horns. 

The capt. america movies hit home with patriot conspiracy theorist, because they take all these old nazi conpsiracies like super weapons, magic (really science, but the uneducated mind and all that). They admit AI, Paperclip, and how the US intell has been not only inflitrated by nazis, butconquored them. Only a handful of ligits stand and hold the line from manhatten being nuked. Because the irony of the one eyed man not being part of team evil is part of the Stan Code.

Stan doesn't see the illuminati as evil, quite the opposite. Something else to note, that's why Kirby left to DC and the first project he wrote? New Gods. Because Kirby was awake and not stupid in the slight. You send the message as art, or you might find yourself like George Reeves.

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