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George Carlin Continues to live

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 CSB    1,662

Really we all should be a George Carlin

George Carlin was one of the very few public figures with the balls to tell it like it is and he didn't give a damn about political correctness or what anyone thought about it. The reason for that is because he always told the truth and stood behind the truth. He was not delusional and he refused to be a sheep and follow the status quo. Everyone thought he was a comedian, but the fact is that all he was doing was telling everyone how utterly ridiculous you look trying to be something you're not and listening to people convincing you that blatant lies are truth. Very funny indeed!
RIP, George, we all love you!

George Carlin Continues to live in the harts of those that wont live a lie


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 CSB    1,662

what you are hinting is people should say... Je Suis george carlin!

I am saying yes Carlin and I agree alike on many subjects . If people would set aside their crutches made of political and religious ideas this world would be a better place to live .

Maybe if people were to live as a animal like in the cave man days we would not know the comforts and sorrows of todays living; there for free

Those that push their political and religions ideas up on others are just oppressors . Something I have never done or ever will  

Carlin was a atheist however were I am not . I believe there is a higher power what ever that is . Until I meet up with that higher power I will be content with my search for what is real .

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