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Guitar Doc

20 questions

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 Guitar Doc    1,571

Sometimes I just like a laugh. Unfortunately for me I have a knack of being taken serious when I am not and taken for joking when I am serious.


Forum Guide



#1 Do you wash after flushing?


A. Yes

B. My entire body

C. Sometimes

D. Never

E. Flush what Bro?



#2 If you were just in a plane crash would you?


A. See if you could save someone.

B. Make sure any politicians and bankers didn't survive the crash.

C. Check for Cell reception

D. Check for unconscious or still warm women

E. Take six blue pills and hit refresh



#3 After sex do you?


A. Log on to COP

B. Log on to a news site

C. Eat cake

D. What damn sex you haven't had sex in so long you can't remember

E. Tell you partner they have have their evil way with you now give me the keys please



#4 If you were writing a manifesto you would include demands for


A. A better way to pay for beer

B. A cleaner environment

C. More oil wells

D. People fart less to save the planet

E. Compulsory Sexual Alignment test at age 18



#5 If you were a mod on a CT site you would


A. Listen to the voices more than I do now

B. Crusade to expand the aims of my resident nation

C. Smoke less

D. Go slightly mad

E. Abuse my power to look good and hook up with women online



#6 When 2 or more people are fighting you do


A. Surround them with Love and Understanding until they regain their sense of reason

B. Start taking bets

C. Ignore them and allow it to turn into a long running thing that divides people

D. Join in

E. Call the cops and be the person who filmed them getting shot dead by cops



#7 If held under threat of torture if you didn't reveal the real identity of UKshep


A. I would blab like a little kid

B. I would tell them he was a short American who lives in Florida

C. Think a lot about how good torture is if you can swap your response for pleasure and pain around

D. Pretend to be dead

E. Tell them they can get stuffed because you are loyal 100%



#8 If you had to pick the only CT site you could ever go to again it would be


A. Garden Guys

B. Hair styles for the young and dumb

C. Angus Pete's Platinum Ingot for pirates

D. I would forgo them all in memory of my one true love

E. Fox News



#9 If confronted by an angry 5ft tall badger in the bathroom I would


A. Call for a wizard who was a badger specialist

B. Scream a lot and ask “Who the F*ck let that in!”

C. Seduce it with ease

D. Take photo's and post them on sites where nobody will see them

E. Ring my dealer and tell him to up the price to other clients on that stuff they sold me.



#10 If asked to fill out a questionnaire


A. Tell them to F-off you data mining bastard

B. Give them my credit card details, birthday and my mother's maiden name

C. Make a coffee, slip out the back and consult with a homeless person about the validity of white sugar in a dietary threatened world

D. Tell them you will fill it out but never do eventually furtively burning it and later claiming it was stolen in a burglary

E. Fill it out like the sheep I am

F. Knock them out and make it look like wizards did it




#11 If you were tuned into a Duck by a Wizard you would


A. Find him crap all over him and mess him up

B. Explore Duck sexuality

C. Find other Ducks, form a syndicate and attempt to take over the world

D. Fly around lots quacking

E. Join a CT forum and post about your experience


#12 If you found a million in Gold in a discarded bag you would


A. Pay someone to teach you to be a Wizard

B. Get that plastic surgery you always wanted

C. Start a CT forum

D. Blow it all on coke and hookers

E. Put a hit on the politicians of your nation


#13 If you were a Hitman would you


A. Use deep net to advertise your services?

B. Holiday in Brazil a lot

C. Change your name to Josh

D. Act really cool all day long

E. Drink more milk


#14 When turning right I


A. Panic

B. Do a 360

C. I can't tell my left from right

D. Indicate with my hand I am wanting to purchase fine drugs

E. Avoiding being searched by Police

F. Soon afterwards turn left



#15 If you crapped yourself in public you would


A. Pretend you hadn’t

B. Pass it off to your right

C. Invest in soap stocks

D. Blame it on Taco Bell

E. Pretend you were a Rockstar


#16 If asked to be in a three way


A. Say yes

B. Get out of the Pool and leave

C. With girls or guys, are they hot?

D. Buckle up

E. Order seconds


#17 When PMing a mod or admin do you


A. Put your clothes on

B. Imagine them naked

C. Use correct spelling

D. Hail the mighty computer of Alpha complex

E. Call them by their first name

F. Be informative in the hope of one day being a mod yourself


#18 Would you describe your mother as


A. Loving and caring

B. German with a moustache

C. What is a mother?

D. Bad Boy Bubby

E. Absent a lot but often came home with a new Uncle


#19 After making secret communication with your cell you


A. Get ice cream

B. Inform the computer

C. Write a long excuse as to why you didn't do it and why you were not there

D. Inquire to the price of several tons of Fertilizer

E. I don't have a cell but thanks for asking


#20 After answering 20 questions do you


A. Feel you are less sane than earlier

B. Woo dude, 20 questions, can people still do that?

C. Use a lot of soap and cry a bit

D. Track down the questioner and give them a piece of your mind

E. Feel like donating an organism

F. Wonder at the time some people must have on their hands

G. Write an article for your favourite forum

H. Check my answers

I. Check other people answers

J. Dial for a wizard





Add up all your letters and rearrange them into the words of the forum that best suits you.


If you picked a forum that isn't COP try again.


#21 Briefly sum up why you think you are the right person for the job.

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