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13 jaw-dropping moments of the 2016 campaign

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Washington (CNN)Even by the colorful standards of presidential primaries, the 2016 election cycle has been filled with jaw-dropping, head-scratching moments.

And though the Summer of Trump -- featuring brawls over immigration, John McCain's war-hero status, Megyn Kelly's debate moderating skills and more -- is dominating the campaign trail now, the presidential election season was surreal from the start -- with the possibility of another Bush vs. Clinton matchup -- and has already provided a host of stand-out assertions, attacks and missteps.


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 rbear    240

Could Google seal the Presidency? Voters are far more likely to pick candidates whose name appears at the top of a search, study shows

  • Scientists showed biased search results to voters during Indian election
  • Voters were more likely to pick candidate that appeared at top of search
  • If volunteers realized results were biased, the effect got even worse
  • Effect could overturn election U.S. election won on 2 per cent margin


PUBLISHED: 15:20 EST, 8 August 2015 UPDATED: 00:24 EST, 9 August 2015



Google could change the result of the Presidential election based on where it ranks candidates in its search results, a study has shown.

Undecided voters researching election candidates were far more likely to back those who appeared towards the top of a Google search, even if the results were negative, scientists said.

The study by the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, showed that deliberately influencing where candidates fell in search results swung opinion by 12 per cent.


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