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Trump’s no bully, he’s a crybaby

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The Fox News debate moderators treated Donald Trump like any other presidential candidate. They pressed him to explain past statements including his comments on Mexican immigrants and his misogynistic rhetoric. They queried him on policy flip-flops (e.g., on single-payer healthcare, on abortion) and on his financial support for Democrats.

Trump and his supporters then spent a good deal of Friday bellyaching that Fox had been too tough on him. He crudely insulted Megyn Kelly. He whined, “I think the questions to me — and that’s why I’m so honored — the questions to me were much tougher than the questions to anybody else.” Actually, they weren’t. Trump’s defenders deep in the heart of the right-wing echo chamber were incensed Trump would be asked to defend his record and egregious language. For a group that dishes it out unmercifully to every insufficiently conservative Republican and to all liberals, they sure seem squeamish when their pet candidate is on the receiving end.


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 rbear    240

Trump 'Said Nothing Wrong'...Won't Apologize (bravo)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Sunday defended himself against accusations of being disrespectful to women, saying he cherishes them and has merely fought back after being “viciously attacked” by female detractors.

“I cherish women,” Trump, the New York real estate tycoon now atop the 2016 GOP field, said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “I said nothing wrong whatsoever.”


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