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It is hard to get understanding of situations and events accurately without context. Without knowledge of numbers beyond one you could not have a conversation about having two eyes.


Other situations and concepts are not so simple and often require greater knowledge.


So what is going on globally in the world today?

Where do we get our context?


Generally we are mislead by useful fools who have already been mislead and are bent on forcing us to conform to their point of view because they cannot even conceptualize (nor can their ego allow) the idea they are wrong or have been mislead themselves. Those who were told by what they considered to be trustworthy sources that 9/11 was done 19 Arabs with box cutters cannot possibly accept any other opinion even when confronted with evidence that points to a different conclusion.


What we believe becomes programming for most and people with broken programming become broken people or simply are so set apart from the other people in society they seem insane/mad.


By controlling information people are denied the correct context to make sense of things/events. If the information is well controlled and presented people can be lead to believe a lot of misleading information as logical because it is in isolation. This isolation can be used to manipulate people and their thinking into pathways which are not logical but seem so to the individuals.(locking them into mental boxes with no hope of escape)


This was what the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations pursued for the purposes of advantaging their backers. Every method of getting a person to do or believe something they would not normally do so was explored and is still being explored today. Use of authority figures to tell people what to think is a standard practise of social brainwashing and conditioning today. Some of those people actually believe what they are pushing which makes them far better salespeople than those who know they are pushing trash.


Censoring and concealing information is key to these psychological operations along with offering alternative and seemingly plausible explanations to direct the opinions of people which later becomes their programming.


In the CT scene people get away with what they project because most of us (and the world at large) don't have the overall knowledge to put it all into context. By posting things in isolation they can be made to seem logical from the isolated from the rest of reality perspective.


I will attempt to show the context I use when deciphering/interpreting what goes on.


The first conspiracy book was said to have been published in the 1600's. It was about a plot of business people/money lenders to conspired to control the economy of the western world using secret societies as their vehicle for organizing without the general public knowing or being able to counter them. Players understood they had no traction as individuals but as a conspiracy of many people they could achieve their ends.


Today it is no different in my opinion and I will try and explain why.




The USA is yet to become the nation it is today. It still lacks the West-coast which is in Spanish hands as granted by by the Pope in the great dividing of the world between the powers of the day.


With no major overland route and no Panama canal the east coast of the USA and west-coast were not able to be accessed easily from each other and thereby difficult to control from a central source/authority.


US businessmen used their influence to get the US government of the time to seize the west-coast from the Spanish who had been making a mint off it during the gold rush era. The USA as we know it is only as old as that.


Without those US businessmen and their connections the USA as we know it today would not exist. They did it not to advantage the nation, they did it to advantage themselves. History records clearly who made off this, the businessmen of that era. They were into lumber, coal and shipping/transport. Later they became Oil and Steel. Virtual Robber Barons who were not beneath killing to get what they wanted.


This is one of the great starting points to understand what is happening. Form that point onwards we see how things started to tie together. The Men who built American shows you exactly who these people were and who became the most dominant among them as they competed with each other and later controlled those below them exactly as the plot of the 1600's. You could not stand against them so if you wanted a piece of the action you had to side with them. Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan and later the controlled Ford.


Ford made a car that ran on Hemp and had Hemp pressed panels stronger than steel. He was taken aside and told “Henry, we will give you as much money as you desire to make this thing but we are in the business of Oil and Steel so you will make your vehicle from Steel and it will run on Oil.” That is why US vehicles are gas guzzling behemoths, because it made US Steel (at first Carnegie and later JP Morgan's company)and Rockefeller Oil massive amounts of money.


Previous to that you were only allowed to run a company in the state you lived in to stop business people from trying to take over the nation. It doesn't really take a genius to see who was behind getting that changed. In this you see who really controlled the United States, who moved the nation and attempted to control it's direction. The government wasn't in control of dick all, they didn't move the nation nor employ it's population. Business people did that and in doing so they seized control of the nation by proxy even if the government and people did not realize it.


Today it is still the business people who control the USA and it's government of the day. But more of that as the events unfold.






Japan has just suffered defeat in the first War against Russia. The nation is in ruins economically ripe for plunder by anyone with enough forces. Up steps the Rothschild Clan.

They form the four great banks of Japan which are still it's base today. Sumitomo, Mitsui, Mitsubishi, and Yasuda. They operate like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac decades lter making cheap loans at low interest rates.



The Japanese imperial family are brought back after being out of favour for the previous 180 years.

It is easier to create a new order after a disastrous or even successful war.



The World Order we have today was formed directly after WWII by forming a contract with many broke nations and lending them money was the bribe that allowed it to happen.



These banks were used to fund the second Russian-Japanese war which defeated Russia so soundly it allowed the social unrest which would allow the Banking Cartel funded Bolshevik revolution which put the Largest Gold Mine in the world into the hands of the self professed Masters of Gold, the Rothschild Clan which today is the IMF and Central Banks of the world.


Without that mine in their hands they could not have controlled the price of gold. As a banking cartel they lent Gold bonds (paper gold) but the interest had to be paid back in physical Gold (such as the case might still be today as by raising the price of gold it makes it harder to pay back that interest while effectively putting the majority of gold existing in the world in their vaults)





Formation of the FED.

The Jekyll Island treaty creates the USA banks which can print money. (Shareholders and principals in the FED) The 1910 "duck hunt" on Jekyll Island included Senator Nelson Aldrich, his personal secretary Arthur Shelton, former Harvard University professor of economics Dr. A. Piatt Andrew, J.P. Morgan & Co. partner Henry P. Davison, National City Bank president Frank A. Vanderlip and Kuhn, Loeb, and Co. partner Paul M. Warburg.

* Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin
* Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris
* Israel Moses Sieff Banks of Italy
* Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Germany and Amsterdam
* Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
* Lehman Brothers Bank of New York
* Goldman Sachs Bank of New York
* Chase Manhattan Bank of New York (Controlled By the Rockefeller Family Tree)


This is immediately used to fund WWI. Without the FED WWI would not have been able to happen as it did.


Who benefited from WWI the most?

Simple answer is the Rothschild Clan/Cartel.

Once again we see a cartel of business people so powerful that if you wanted some game you have to join them because by yourself unless you invented something which was going to become indispensable to the world (Oil, Electricity, Motor vehicle, Plastic, Medicine, the electronic computer etc) you would never be a major player on the world stage.


Before WWI there were three acknowledged great sources of money, effectively the three richest groups in the world. They were, The Rothschilds, The Hapsburgs (Ottoman empire) and Romanovs (Russian Royalty). After WWI there was only one, the Rothschilds. Considering their actions at the City of London Corporation where they dicked their own supposed allies out of their fortunes after Napoleon was defeated it once again doesn't take a genius to see who was behind WWI and what they used WWI to achieve.


Consider the breadth and scope of such a plot.

A move made by many to usurp the wealth and power of two great empires with the promise of profit sharing of the spoils...as long as the Rothschild's got to rule Gold. Not to mention the removal of the predicted dire threat to humanity as proposed by Malthus, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Robert_Malthus) over population. After killing all those millions of young men with really bad military strategies by the allies (think Gallipoli, a deliberate fuck up where they could have won so easily but instead was used as a grinding house to kill their own people relieving the threat of over population/unemployment for another 50 years or so. Just one of many bad orders given by the British commanders all [perhaps 90%] of whom were members of a secret society known as the Freemasons who swear loyalty to each other over any non Freemasons.).


During WWI a trainload of Gold to fund the Russian revolution and containing Trotsky and Lenin passed from one side of War torn Europe to the other side. This could not have happened unless collaboration was occurring. The collaborators were of course Freemasons who could not disobey the orders of a higher ranked Freemason.


What we see from this is WWI like WWII was a jack up. A plot by business people to take wealth and power. It should also be noted the Rothschild Banking cartel also funded the Chinese revolution and that loan is still outstanding. To date it is the only outstanding loan they have made which wasn't repaid as asked. From this we can conclude the controllers of China are the Rothschild banking cartel or else they would have forced that issue.


[Some people think a conspiracy of many people could not exist without someone leaking information about the conspiracy. Consider this: Do you know what goes on within Freemasonry?

There are millions of Freemasons yet you still don't know what they are up to and what they do in Lodge meetings. The Legal Fraternity is also involved in a long standing conspiracy. Do you know how the Law works and it's legal mechanisms? Yet there are millions of Lawyers and Judges and you are not supposed to know unless you join them. Despite ignorance of the Law being no defence you are never taught how it works at school.]


In the USA JD Rockefeller formed a secret agreement with many oil producers to fix the price of Oil in the USA. It was illegal and not uncovered until decades later. (Still going on in fact, just done a little more subtly)


JP Morgan (found upon his death to only own 28% of the shares of his own company, like so many he was controlled/incorporated by a organization of business people acting in secrecy ) was known for purchasing unprofitable businesses and making them profitable by getting them to co-operate rather than compete from profits. He pointed out it was more lucrative to operate like this than compete with each other for profits (price fixing etc). This is why the Western economics doesn't work as economist predict. Rather than competition reducing prices like it does in Asian economies they are really just price fixing to make more money rather than competing thereby reducing cost to the customers.


Sometime in the 1920's to 30's we see a secret agreement must have been made between the competing business players in the USA similar to that made by JD and the US oil producers. Up until Carnegie sold US Steel to JP Morgan those three business men competed for profits. Some time briefly after that the secret agreement must have occurred. In doing so you could not “get into the game” without sucking up to these Uber business people and their secret cartel.








The business cartel starts to fund the Nazi's and backs them and their rise to power in Germany. Wall Street, Henry Ford and the cartel make the opening moves to globalize the world under their control and rule. In 1933 they try and take over the USA in the business plot. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_Plot

Prescott Bush father of George Snr is heavily involved. It fails but the cartel's influence is so great no-one gets executed or imprisoned. By this stage JP Morgan and JD Rockefeller own the US press Media.


JD has made the moves to take over US medicine by funding the Flexiner report which later puts the AMA in charge of licensing US Doctors and funding medical schools. He does this because he is becoming US pharmaceuticals a result of being US chemicals along with his partners in Germany IG Farben. They heavily fund medical school who promote cures through use of pharmaceuticals and under fund those who do not.


Previous to electric lighting Kerosene lit the fine houses of the USA. JD had funded research into products that could be made from Oil. As result not only was Gasoline ( a by product of kerosene production which was dumped into US farmlands to dispose of it at the time) but so was many chemicals. JD had unwittingly (or wittingly) taken over US science by becoming the biggest funder of it.

Science, Medicine and Media along with US Banking all working together in a secret cartel.





Edward Bernays father of public relations publishes his famous work Propaganda in which he initiates the Hard Sell of his newly formed profession Public Relations. (formerly known as propaganda) He understands the implications of his famous great Uncle's work in Psychoanalysis and knows the methods of manipulating people without them knowing it. He also knows powerful business people rule the US covertly or in de-facto if you like. He appeals to them as he recognizes them as the real power in the USA.


He lobbies them to change US schools from places where people are taught to think to places where people are taught what to think. This will homogenize the US population making them more predictable and controllable. They will be able to be controlled by psychological conditioning in the direction desired by the business cartel along with the future politicians of the USA. [effectively this is when the old USA died]


JD Rockefeller purchases all the US printing presses available and starts to print school text books below cost price as well as controlling the educational advisory boards. The name of the company is Ashton Scholastic and those school text books proliferate because of the cheaper cost. Information becomes censored and altered at schools. Tesla is removed from US education and replaced with Edison. (even in far flung NZ all my school text books were printed by Ashton Scholastic. Effectively they control thought within schools and only a few teachers teach subversive education within the system, usually English teachers.)


Edward Bernays becomes an asset to the US government (really their Corporate controllers) and by use of the Media (some of which he floated for psy-ops) demonizes Communism in the USA for the purposes of gaining the approval of the US citizens (or rather suppressing dissent/disfavour) of the US invasion of El Salvador to take control of that nation and re-establish the corporations control of resources and services in that nation. From that point onwards US citizens would be lead to believe Communism/socialism was evil and an adversary of US freedoms and indeed capitalism itself which is touted as a result of Freedom. It was the dark arts of suggestion and psychological manipulation and is still deeply entrenched in US society to this day.



JD takes over US education by purchasing US intellectuals on the advise of Bernays. At first he could not believe intellectuals could be bought, later he could not believe they sold themselves so cheaply.


From this point onwards they had high profile intellectuals to push whatever agenda they desired on tap. The USA becomes as controlled as the USSR, but covertly and without the knowledge of the US population by use of controlling information it controlled public opinion. Dissenters are labelled communists and Reds while supporters are elevated in profile.


Once again intellectuals who wanted to be famous and powerful understand they have to suck up to the power or end up being nothing in the history books. The US Media and educational institutes become a puppet show and the general public are completely unaware such is the information dominance by the Cartel.


By controlling the left wing and right wing Media in the USA the public fall for the illusion of choice not realizing from this point onwards their destiny is designed by psychological planners the cartel has been funding. All that is needed to shape the USA and indeed the world at large is a catastrophe so bad it destroys the previous way of life and leaves people vulnerable to new patterns of behaviour because the old ones have been destroyed.


The method was WWII. After which a New World Order could be formed without serious social resistance.


Out of the frying pan into the fire.


During WWII we see once again the desire to reduce population in Europe. Use of psychological tactics developed by the studies conducted by the Tavistock Institute for human relations are used to break the old patterns of behaviour leaving people vulnerable to re-patterning. Civilian populations are targeted on their advise on both sides (as in WWI WWII was a collaboration rather than an actual war. All the top players knew it and all they had to do was fool those who were not in on it. ) to break them just like the shell shocked victims they studied who resulted from WWI. Once broken the population became pliable and unresisting to change.


No-one opposed (the general public) the Bretton Woods agreements despite the blatant lack of democratic process. Likewise the formation of the United Nations (donated land and building courtesy of the Rockefeller clan) was not questioned nor the lack of accountability to the pubic of the nations they claim to represent. The UN is not a democratically elected body. You are not given the chance to elect you UN rep nor advise them of how to act or vote in any UN vote, meeting or formation or sub-committee despite them taking a portion of your taxpayer dollars.



After WWII all that had to be controlled was the development of new technologies which could become indispensable to the public making the inventor independently wealthy and able to change the direction of the world from that chartered by the steering group. To allow this the intelligence community had to be controlled. From the point Allen Dulles was appointed to the head of the CIA the business cartel controlled the intel being directed at the US government and the people not directly part of the cartel.


From that point we see the CIA used as a vehicle to enable the desires of the Business cartel. Wars the USA would commit to would be rackets to make money for the cartel which by that stage had taken control of the US military by becoming it's suppliers of goods and armaments....all paid for by the captive US taxpayer unaware they were being used like cattle.



All Intel from the intelligence agencies of the world goes to the same place, the heads of the business cartel. They have since WWII attempted to take control of all global resources be pretending to be adversaries at the national level. The independent nations where brought to heel by the USA and USSR by simply sabre rattling scaring them into making alliance with one side or the other to avoid invasion etc. This was what the cold war was about. It did not matter whether they allied with the USSR or the USA as both were under control of the cartel.


Through use of fear the USA was remoulded at the social level yet again to enable control by use of psychology. In Japan the Rothschild clan had been successful after their covert take over in 1898 in creating a passive worker class. They experimented in the USSR with doing this by force. In China they used purely psychological methods as forceful methods created resentment and resistance.

In the USA they used methods in which the population actually thought they were free so they didn't see there was anything to resist. This was deemed the most successful but potentially dangerous and not economical like Uber communism/socialism in which all profits are the property of the controllers/rulers.


Each of the western nations were used like laboratories for psychological testing to see which methods of controlling the population would be the best for later use in an Uber World Order. Europe was conformed. Whole populations were able to be forced into social conformity as new values were created to replace the old freedom models of independence and group-think became the new normal. No longer were people allowed to have freedom to do as they thought fit, instead they were educated to conform and bow to authority as the normal behaviour.


That is where we are today. The enemies of the western nations are those who refuse to accept the multinational corporations into their countries to exploit their resources and populations.


Before WWII the power of corporations was limited to single nations. Afterwards because of the UN and Bretton Woods they were able to truly become Multinationals having more power and less expenses than nations who had to accepted them and needed them to employ their populations. Today they are attempting through contracts like the TTP etc to become more powerful than any nation.


We see today the economic world is controlled by around 145 interlocking corporations in the “bow tie” model used by the Nazi's to obtain Uber efficiency. https://bootheglobalperspectives.com/article/1373929623WBG353475497/145-companies-may-control-40-of-worlds-assets



There are less than 5000 people on all the boards of these corporations that control them. 5000 of them and 7 billion of us. It is with no wonder they keep the public from knowing what they have done and are doing for fear of being physically wiped off the playing board for all time.


They are quite open in what they do if you can read and think for yourself. Bilderburg meetings are used to co-ordinate their efforts each years and co-opt the smaller players into doing what the big players want.


The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) decides who is the USA's allies and enemies. They are not part of the USA government but a host of US officials and presidents are members.

Trilateral Commission

Club of Rome

Just more examples of the same processes.


All the major news stories we see are directed at the same objectives, Globalization. Trade deals, Pollution, Global Warming all about getting the people of the world to unite under single causes for the sake of humanity.

Many people seem confused when they find out the Multinationals fund both the for and against of the arguments for Global warming. Consider they have been hard out polluting the world as well to try and force people to take a global stand ans initiate global laws and regulations. Kyoto protocols.


People have been trying to tell us what has been going on for over a hundred years as quietly as they can to avoid censorship. George Orwell's brother was on one of the Psychological planning committees in the UK. 1984 anyone?


Malthus didn't predict the end of civilization because we would not be able to produce enough food for everyone. He predicted it would be the lack of employment that would cause this. In any humane society those with income would support those who had none. Over time the numbers of unemployed would grow until one side was forced to consume the other to survive. That is what he predicted. Look at Europe and the USA in terms of unemployment. Those numbers are so high there will NEVER be enough future job to employ those people under the system we live in today.


Previously this has been when the steering committees have initiated War to “solve” the problem.

Take that warning for what you will.



Lastly I would like to add this.

If you were raised by people who killed people and ate them to live you would think that is normal.

If you were raised by racists you would think that is normal.

If you were raised in the societies we are you would think that is normal.


Our social values are creations of others. They are beaten into us using an array of psychological programming techniques. This is the system we live in. In most of the western world we are controlled by seeding desires and delivering those desires....as long as we jump through the required hoops. The idea any of us could be rich and famous forces people to mentally support the system which enslaves us to the control of those who have the power and influence in society today.


We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. -Fight Club

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 Guitar Doc    1,571

If you liked this and you would like COP to grow cross post it anywhere you like. I am against Copywrite as were all the old school Cover-up revealers back in the day. It is anathema to me and I give full permission to reproduce anything I have ever written in full and post it where you like.

All information should be unrestricted and free. That is what we all once swore together to do and uphold because we found government censorship to be abhorrent and used to advantage the few over the many. That is not what humanity is all about.


I should add that is my conclusions from reading a host of CT books and sites and it is hardly complete as each point you could write a 300 page book on and if you look around you will find people have. Those people deserve a big pat on the back for their exposures over the years and we stand on their shoulders in the current CT world.

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