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Fourth echelon

Dept. To Equip Patrol Cars With Cannons That Shoot GPS Projectiles

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In whats being heralded as a high-tech way to more safely deal with high speed pursuits, the Milwaukee Police Department announced this week that it will be equipping patrol cars with a device that shoots GPS projectiles. 

The technology propels a tracking device that looks like a large shot-gun shell – with adhesive on it – which can attach to the back of a moving vehicle and send location data to police in real time.

The department will not be the first to use the tracking deployment systems – there are currently about two dozen other departments using them around the country – but privacy advocates say the devices raise questions about Fourth Amendment protections.


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 YourMom2    1,242

Back in the old days cops would shoot out the tires when in pursuit. So, nowadays they have lousy aim, too worried about getting sued if the perp lives through the crash or are they so enamored of stupid tech devices that common sense doesn't work anymore? In 2015 there is probably a gadget that could be aimed at a vehicle to fry the electronics totally disabling it.

Or if you're Dylann Roof you just pull over and wait for the nice officer to stroll up to your window and arrest you. No worries, he's already holstered his weapon.


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