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Trump 'evolving' on climate action, pressured by Europeans

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 ESET    1,226

One more 180° degree turn?


Forceful face-to-face talks this week with fellow world leaders left President Donald Trump "more knowledgeable" and with "evolving" views about the global climate accord he's threatened to abandon, a top White House official said Friday. Trump also was impressed by their arguments about how crucial US leadership is in supporting international efforts.

The president's new apparent openness to staying in the landmark Paris climate pact came amid a determined pressure campaign by European leaders. During Friday's gathering of the Group of 7 wealthy democracies—as well as at earlier stops on Trump's first international trip—leaders have implored him to stick with the 2015 accord aimed at reducing carbon emissions and slowing potentially disastrous global warming.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the G-7 leaders "put forward very many arguments" for the US sticking with the agreement.

And by Friday evening, White House economic adviser Gary Cohn said Trump's views were indeed "evolving."



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 ESET    1,226

Breitbart reporting the same


White House economic advisor Gary Cohn asserted that President Donald Trump’s views were evolving on the Paris Climate agreement reached by world leaders during former President Barack Obama’s administration.

“His views are evolving, which is exactly what they should be,” Cohn explained to reporters during a press briefing in Sicily at the G7 summit.

Cohn said that Trump had several discussions about the climate agreement with global leaders, many of which had worked on the plan to combat climate change for many years.

“If he were standing here, he would tell you that he feels much more knowledgeable on the topic today,” Cohn said.

He said that Trump had not made a decision yet whether or not he wanted to stay in the agreement.

“He came here to learn and he came here to get smarter,” Cohn said. “He did quote say: ‘The environment is very, very important to me, Donald Trump. I care a lot about the environment.'”

In an earlier briefing, Cohn also downplayed the future of coal as an energy source, promoting solar and wind energy instead.

“Coal doesn’t even make that much sense anymore as a feedstock,” he said, referring to energy used for industry. “Natural gas, which we have become an abundant producer, which we’re going to become a major exporter is, is such a cleaner fuel.”

He said that solar and wind power would help the United States become “a manufacturing powerhouse” while still becoming “environmentally friendly.”

Trump’s national security advisor H.R. McMaster reminded reporters that the president’s decision would be based on what was best for the country.

“The one thing that won’t change though is he’s certain to base his decision on what he thinks is best for the American people,” he said, “While his views are evolving, his basis for the decision remains unchanged.”



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 ESET    1,226

Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni urged the US administration to end "soon and well" its review on the backing of the Paris climate agreement, during the final G7 press conference in Taormina, Saturday.

SOT, Paolo Gentiloni, Italian Prime Minister (Italy): "[We can't say we agreed] on the conclusions we reached on the [issue of the] climate... which is not a marginal climate of course since, for a global forum such as the G7, the matter of climate change is one of the big issues. And, after a very complicated discussion, we came, as you know, only to acknowledge the fact that while six of seven countries fully confirm their commitment made with the Paris agreement, which were reiterated during the G7 in Japan last year, the United States are still in a phase of discussion, of review of their policies in such field in relation to the Paris agreement."

SOT, Paolo Gentiloni, Italian Prime Minister (Italy): "I wish that this phase of review will end soon and end well. Soon because leaving uncertainty the position of the most important economy of the world regarding the application and the development of the Paris agreement would be grave, and well because of course the fulfilment of the Paris agreement on climate needs a contribution from the United States."

SOT, Paolo Gentiloni, Italian Prime Minister (Italy): "We have noticed along with a strong agreement against terrorism... we have noticed an agreement on current geopolitical themes - a very broad one, I can say, much shared - on the big matters, geopolitical themes and specific crises, like those in Libya, Syria and North Korea. [We have noticed] an agreement on migratory themes, on their importance both on a medium-long term and on the communal commitment [necessary] to deal with them in the immediate future - even if it's of course not the G7 forum that has to solve them."


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