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Do you live in the US? Then you need to see this video.

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 CSB    1,660

A short history of slavery both black and whites .

President Lincoln did not free them he just made it illegal to own them and then put us all into slavery .. 

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 Malevolent    1,947

Man this race thing is really confusing and sometimes packed with lies from either side in order to make a point or race-bait.  You get stupid dumb folk from any colour or creed and you get good folk from any colour or creed.  To generalise the whole because of a small portion of its parts cannot be right.  I condemn appalling behavior like the riots in Baltimore and others - I detest people like Sharpton and Jackson who do all they can in order to cause hatred among people.

Interesting reading?



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What is race anyway?  Everyone still screws up the same way. But back in the '60s civil rights movement, the black thing was all about black power muzzie Malcolm X.  When he departed the fruitless race platform of being black, they had to get rid of him for political reasons.  So then he became reincarnated as Obozo. It was a ploy to get muzzies into power so they could have their damn %@$&^#% caliphate.  They'll never get it (they've failed three times already), but we'll never get rid of the muzzies (although they have some pretty lame deck stacking so that they can claim that they rule whatever molehill they stand on).

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 Lucy Barnable    2,656

I was getting on board with him until @9:32 when he acknowledged his "privilege" for being born a white heterosexual male.
He also failed to mention that it was a Black man who created slavery as we know it and was the first slave owner in the US.


History of Slavery in America

  • Anthony Johnson. Anthony Johnson was one of the first African Americans to have finished his services as an indentured servant and become a landowner on the Eastern Shore and slave-owner himself.
  • John Casor. In 1654, John Casor became the first legal slave in America. Anthony Johnson, previously an African indentured slave, claimed John Casor as his slave. The Northampton County rule against Casor, and declared him propter for life by Anthony Johnson.Since Africans were not English, they were not covered by the English Common Law.
  • https://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~arihuang/academic/abg/slavery/history.html

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